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What brand of European skin care products is good?

Europe is a region with many skin care products and a wide range of brands. There are many well-known skin care brands worth recommending. Here are some of the skin care brands that are well-loved and respected in Europe for your reference:

dr hauschka skin care routine

1. LaRoche-Posay (France): A professional skin care brand based on hot spring water, dedicated to solving various skin problems, especially known for products suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Caudalie (France): Developed skin care products through grape vine extracts, focusing on the use of natural ingredients and antioxidants. Its Vinosources and Vinoperfect series are very popular.

3. NaturaBissé (Spain): A high-end skincare brand in Spain, known for its unique formulations and scientific research. Its anti-aging and repairing products are highly praised.

4. Avene (France): A care brand focused on sensitive and problem skin, using hot spring water and herbal ingredients that provide soothing and moisturizing results.

5. TheOrdinary (Canada): A skincare brand known for its minimalist packaging and cheap prices that promote high concentrations of active ingredients and personalized care regimens.

6. Dr. Hauschka (Germany): A skincare brand with organic certification that focuses on the use of natural herbal ingredients and is particularly adept at providing care for sensitive and mature skin.

7. Clarins (France): Plant-based skin care brand with a variety of hot-selling products, such as Double Hydrating Serum, Luxury Pet Skin Care Oil, etc.

Please note that each brand has its own unique characteristics and product range. When choosing skin care products, you should choose according to your own skin type, needs and preferences. It is recommended that you read the ingredients, efficacy and usage of the product before purchasing, and make a choice according to your own skin type and needs.

Top 10 Must-Buy Skin Care Products in Germany?

A: The top ten must-buy skin care products in Germany are recommended

1, Nivea

2, Oshadhi

3, German family/Dr. Hauschka

4, Eucerin

5, Pallaya/balea

6, Reboshi

7, Fulai/freiol

8, Anna Berlin

9, Tianlufen

10, Babao/BABOR

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