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What brand of dog food is good for 1-year-old Chihuahua to eat?

1-year-old Chihuahua should choose a dog food brand that suits it. You can choose from the following points.

best natural weight management dog food for my chihuahua

1. Choose a dog food with good sealing

When choosing dog food, not only should you choose the dog food, but also consider the sealing of the dog food packaging. It is best to choose a seal, because dogs like Chihuahua who don’t eat much can’t finish a pack quickly, so choose a seal that can be properly stored.

2. Learn to look at the ingredients of dog food

Regular dog food packaging will indicate the ingredients, depending on the chloride in the dog food, that is, salt, as well as the content of protein, calcium, amino acids and other ingredients, which can be judged according to the national standard of full-price pet food.

3. Identify (contact) dog food by yourself

When choosing dog food, learn to “look at it two times and smell it three times” to see if its surface is too smooth, the smoother it is, and the particle size is moderate; whether it is greasy to touch, too greasy is not good for the stomach; whether it has additives and irritating taste.

4. Determine whether the Chihuahua likes it and follow-up reaction

The most important thing in choosing dog food is to see if the Chihuahua likes it or not, so it is best to choose a trial package, let it taste it first, and then observe its reaction. If you like it, you can eat it for a period of time. During the eating process, observe its feces, breath and other aspects, and use these to judge whether this dog food is suitable for your own Chihuahua.

What brand of dog food is good? (Chihuahua)?

Recommend a brand, not advertising. My dog is a serious picky eater, and after changing many kinds of dog food, it can barely eat the brand, Jumbo or Nivek. Nivek took longer to eat. The treasure was only changed once or twice occasionally. Relatively speaking, the treasure felt a little greasy, but the dog could still barely eat it for a while.

If you have the energy, you can also try to make homemade dog food for dogs, share my homemade dog food, for reference only:

Ingredients: sweet potatoes, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beef, a small amount of pork liver, white noodles, corn noodles, olive oil, two eggs

Or replace the ingredients with: beef, chicken breast, salmon, carrots, purple potatoes, potatoes, broccoli, cucumber, four egg yolks, two small bags of goat milk powder, olive oil, yogurt, corn noodles, oatmeal

Practice: After the meat is cleaned, steam it in a pressure cooker or cook it and mash it, steam and mash the vegetables, then mix all the mashed ingredients, add flour, add eggs or egg yolks, etc. Then stir well, put it in the oven or rice cooker to steam or bake.

Homemade food, can’t be eaten often, it’s not good for the dog’s teeth, and it’s not as balanced and comprehensive as dog food, so it can only be used as an occasional food improvement, so the staple food is still dog food.

The above is my answer, I hope it will be useful to you.

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