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What brand of cosmetics is FACE?

Medical skin base.

skin care routine using faceshop

Medical skin base FACE tender and smooth combination, specially designed for hypoxia, calcium deficiency, water shortage, ultraviolet sunburn, aging and other problem skin, can effectively fight and adjust, and strengthen the activity of skin oxygen exchange.

Make cells get sufficient nutrients, make skin blood circulation good, speed up skin cell metabolism, timely metabolism of melanin, adjust natural dark skin, yellow skin, aging keratin, acne marks, cosmetic allergies, natural sensitivity, skin sequelae, uneven skin, etc., make skin clear and white, healthy and even, moist and transparent, and the extraordinary effect exceeds similar skin care products hundreds of times.

Create 100% otherworldly, unique, bright, delicate and charming skin for oriental women.

Can you use toner for oily skin?

Suitable for using toner. Toner is also called firming water, makeup water, etc. Some toners contain trace amounts of alcohol, and some are pure plant formulas. The function of toner is to clean again to restore the pH value of the skin surface, and condition the cuticle, so that the skin can better absorb, and prepare for the use of skin care products. So after washing your face, use toner to quickly replenish moisture. Experts recommend using firming water for oily skin, toner for healthy skin, softener for dry skin, firming water for mixed skin T-zone, and sensitive water and repair water for sensitive skin.

Where do you usually buy skin care products?

1. Mary Kay has many direct sales… You can also go to his store to buy them.

2. It is sold in Nivea supermarkets.

3. It is available in pharmacies

4. Shiseido has many subordinate brands. For example, Opal.

5. thefaceshop is a Korean brand. Alpine is a series in it. Alpine alpine plant extracts can soften keratin, purify skin, and promote metabolism. It has a significant effect on rough and dull skin caused by long-term use of computers, as well as tired or dehydrated skin. It also has other series, such as citrus, lotus, rice, olives, strawberries.

6. Skinfood apple whitening lotion is also a Korean brand. Apple series is also one of them.

The most important thing is to see what kind of skin you have… What do you need… Then you can prescribe the right medicine…

If you want to buy it. I can help you… I know someone who makes cosmetics and skin care products… Guaranteed to be genuine. Low price…

Hope this answer helps you

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