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What brand of cosmetics is DECLEOR?

Founded in 1974 in Paris, France, DECLEOR is a world-renowned cosmetic brand.

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DECLEOR was originally co-founded by a doctor, a pharmacist, a aromatherapist and a biochemist, with the goal of creating an all-natural beauty and skin care series. After a long period of unyielding research, this group of experts discovered a double new concept of skin care – aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Today, DECLEOR still believes that deep care is the most effective part of skin care, and with professional treatment, the effect is even more unexpected. This is the meaning of DECLEOR in French – to have the golden key to enter the perfection and beauty. DECLEOR’s skin care experts have developed a variety of different aromatherapy products – protopolymers and repair creams – according to the characteristics of different skin types. Each aromatherapy product contains different aromatherapy extracts and botanical extracts, which have several unique therapeutic effects. Each ingredient has been tested for a long time and has been recognized internationally. The aromatherapy extracts are extracted from different flowers, leaves, bark, plants, roots and fruits through high-tech steaming. DECLEOR carefully selects the raw materials of the products every time to achieve the best skin care results. DECLEOR’s aromatic essence can quickly penetrate into the deep layers of skin tissue, accelerate cell metabolism, stimulate cell activity and increase skin luster, and has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. Plant essence is the main essence extracted from plants, containing various minerals, vitamins and different elements, providing the moisture required by the epidermis, protecting the skin from external adverse factors. When used in combination with protopolymer, the best skin care effect can be achieved.

Who knows the brand LACELLER?

LaCeller is a skin care brand under McCollin.

LACELLER means cell in French. The product is dedicated to repairing and nourishing skin cells on the face and even the whole body. It is especially easy to use for us girls. Skin is very important for everyone, and the McCollin Ocean Deep Water Moisturizing Mask is very good, and the effect is also good. It is really an expert in skin repair and nourishment. It has really changed my skin, and every time I use it, I have a very refreshing feeling.

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