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What brand is the source of Jingsheng?

It is a skin care product brand

evidence-based skin care routine

The source of Jingsheng is based on the truth of scientific skin care, adheres to the principle of evidence-based skin care, relies on advanced detection technology and a large number of research data, and constantly explores the root causes of skin problems. Only to develop safer and more efficient high-efficacy skin care products, to provide people with accurate and scientific anti-aging skin care programs.

Jingsheng Source is a Chinese anti-aging skin care brand founded by Braun Feilin Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. With the brand concept of “Focusing on anti-aging, using data to tell the effect of aesthetics”, it has launched anti-aging skin care products represented by “Early CE Late AB Anti-Time Composite Repair Serum Combination”.

Is Brada a machine font size or a makeup font size?

The displayed font size belongs to the “makeup” font size

Broda is a skin care product brand, which is affiliated to Borenda Biochemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It was registered as a trademark in the China Trademark Office in 2012 and focuses on cosmetic research.

Brand Culture

Our slogan is: not simple technology, super simple skin care

The ingredients of Boleda are clear, the mechanism is clear, the literature is available, and the clinical verification

With a scientific attitude, we are committed to creating a functional skin care brand that does not tell stories but only tells evidence-based medical evidence

Products and Services

Animal Cosmetics; Acne Cream; Cosmetics; Cosmetics Fragrances; Cleansing Preparations; Spot Removal Cream; Polishing Agent; Fragrance; Soap; Toothpaste

Imeilei Brand Women’s Clothing?

Imeilei is the original research brand of Ajeson Company in the United States. It is a cosmetic skin care brand, not a women’s clothing brand.

In 2007, it was listed in China as an agent of Xiguang Company, and it was an earlier functional skin care brand listed in China. In 2016, Xiguang Company wholly acquired the Yimei brand and changed its name to Yimei (Guangzhou) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. in October 2020.

The company applies NTDS technology to cosmetics to improve the activity of functional cosmetics, and strictly screens certain botanical ingredients with clear and safe efficacy (with evidence-based medical evidence) to develop functional cosmetic formulations for specific skin problems, which is what we usually call functional cosmetics, also known as cosmeceuticals.

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