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What brand is the cosmetics at the beginning of cLe?

The full name of CDP cosmetics is CLEDEPEAUBEAUTE, which can also be abbreviated as CPB.

best asian skin care routine

The Chinese translation is the key to the skin and belongs to the top brand under Shiseido, Japan.

It was officially launched in 1997 and officially introduced into the Chinese market in 2001.

The brand has opened more than 300 image counters in more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

CPB series products provide the most basic care products for all types of skin, and also provide special care products for individual skin, so that the skin can achieve its natural and elegant beauty.

A list of skin care brands that are more suitable for Asians?

The following is a list of several skin care brands that are more suitable for Asians:

Peckling: Peckling’s products are characterized by gentle, natural and effective, suitable for all skin types. Among the most popular series are the Hydrating and Rejuvenating Series, the Water Code Series, and the Hydrating and Whitening Series. The product is moderately priced and not too expensive, but the function and quality are very good, and the cost performance is high.

Xuanzhi: Xuanzhi snail stock solution essence is a globally recognized snail farm located in the old road of the Yellow River in China. There is the most natural snail breeding base here. The snail stock solution raw materials are supplied to major brands, including South Korea and France. The well-known snail cream in Thailand is imported from Henan. The snail stock solution is called the golden liquid for skin care. This mask has a particularly good effect on moisturizing and brightening the complexion. The skin does get better and better. It is currently the best value domestic boutique.

Nature Hall: Nature Hall’s products are suitable for people of all ages and genders, especially for dry, dehydrated and aging skin. Nature Hall’s product ingredients are mainly natural plants, and a variety of natural active ingredients are added, such as snow lotus extract, saffron extract, glacier water, etc.

Marumi: Marumi’s products are especially suitable for people with obvious eye aging problems or who want to prevent eye aging problems. The product ingredients are mainly natural plants, and a variety of natural active ingredients are added, such as elastin complex (composed of wheat germ extract and soybean extract), vitamin E, etc.

Appropriate Materia Medica: The product ingredients of Appropriate Materia Medica are mainly natural plants, and the ingredients with different effects are selected according to different series. For example, the camellia series contains camellia extract and chamomile extract, etc.; the Rhodiola series contains Rhodiola extract and barley extract, etc.; the red pomegranate series contains red pomegranate extract and rose extract, etc.

Herborist: Herborist cosmetics relies on the herbal theory of traditional Chinese medicine and has developed a series of products suitable for Asian skin types. Its products are mainly composed of pure natural plant extracts and are committed to protecting the health of the skin.

Hanshu: Hanshu’s products are suitable for people of all ages and genders, especially for combination, oily and dull skin. The ingredients are mainly natural plants, and a variety of technological ingredients are added, such as nano-metal particles, bioactive factors, laser microcrystals, etc.

Winona: Winona’s core ingredients are purple coccus extract round leaf angelica root extract. The former can repair the skin’s injured skin barrier, and the latter is a good moisturizing ingredient. While replenishing moisture to the skin, it can also resist the attack of free radicals on the skin.

Yu Sai: Yu Sai Ganoderma lucidum cream is more comfortable to use, can effectively lock in the moisture of the skin, and can effectively repair damaged skin, which can make a good defense against external promotion.

Yunifang: The effect of Yunifang’s products is mainly reflected in hydration, moisturization, etc., which can improve dry, dull, loose skin and other problems. Yunifang’s products feature masks and provide professional solutions for different skin problems.

These brands have their own characteristics. It is recommended to choose the right product according to personal skin type and needs.

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