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What brand is lotamouo?

The lotamouo brand was established in 2012. The main products of the brand lotamouo are: youth wallet, printed wallet, middle school bag, printed backpack, printed backpack, student bag, multi-function key bag, first layer cowhide bag, cartoon school bag, cartoon bag, cowhide key bag, printed bag, cartoon backpack, cartoon bag, couple summer clothes, function bag, skateboard backpack, junior high school backpack, credit card bag, PU wallet, etc.

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What are the brands of milk from Ohio?

01 Liubinski/MolSib

Russian old-fashioned milk powder brand, its products are mainly sold on e-commerce platforms. MolSib milk was born in these harsh climates. Siberian dairy cows are tougher, more endurance, healthier, and their milk is more nutritious and healthy.

02 Prostokvashino/Prostokvashino

The first brand on the Russian dairy market, 100% natural milk. All dairy products start with milk. In Russia there are 9 processing plants, milk comes from 126 selected farms, with approximately 153,000 cows.


One of the Russian brands of condensed milk.


A brand of Molvest company, whose dairy products are made from milk rich in fat and protein from the Molvest farm. Emphasizes taste balance, nuance and gastronomy.

Examples of people who took their lives seriously?

Thomas Alva Edison (Thomas Alva Edison) is a world-famous American electrician and inventor. In addition to his inventions and contributions in the phonograph, electric light, telephone, telegraph, film, etc., he also has many famous creations and insights in mining, construction, chemical industry and other fields. Edison had about 2,000 inventions in his life, making great contributions to human civilization and progress.

Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in the small town of Milan, Ohio, in the Midwest of the United States. His father is descended from the Dutch, and his mother used to be a primary school teacher and is descended from the Scots. When Edison was 7 years old, his father lost money on his roof tile business and moved the family to Fort Glatiott, Michigan, a northern suburb of Huron. Not long after moving here, Edison fell ill with scarlet fever, which is believed to be the cause of his deafness. Edison went to school at the age of 8, but after only three months of reading, he was dismissed by his teacher as an “imbecile” and kicked out of school (he was ordered to drop out of school for being “stupid and confused”). From then on, his mother, his “tutor,” decided to teach his son to read and read by herself, and taught him to be honest, love the motherland, and love humanity. Thanks to his mother’s good education methods, he developed a strong interest in reading. ” He was not only well-read, but also read ten lines at a glance, which was easy to read “. At the age of 8, he read the works of Shakespeare and Dickens, the most important playwrights of the English Renaissance, and many important historical books. By the age of 9, he could quickly understand more difficult books, such as Parker’s Philosophy of Nature and Experimentation.

Edison’s earliest interest in the natural sciences was in chemistry. At the age of 10, he loved chemistry. He collected two hundred bottles and saved every penny to buy chemicals to put in the bottles. At the age of 11, he experimented with his first telegraph. To earn money to buy chemicals and equipment, he started working. At the age of 12, he got a job selling newspapers on trains, traveling between Port Huron and Detroit, Michigan. He sold newspapers and sold fruits and vegetables at the same time, and read books in the library whenever he had time. In 1861, when the Civil War broke out in the United States, Edison, who had just turned 14, bought an old printing press and took advantage of the convenience of the train to set up a tabloid (weekly) newspaper, the Herald, to convey the situation of the war and news along the way. The first weekly magazine was printed on the train. He worked as a reporter, editor, typesetter, proofreader, printer, and distributor. The tabloids were popular, and he gained talent, knowledge, and experience from his stressful work. He also made a lot of money to continue his chemical experiments. He used the money he earned to set up a chemical laboratory on a luggage truck. Unfortunately, when he was doing an experiment on a train, the train suddenly jolted, causing a piece of phosphorus to fall on the board, causing a fire. The conductor came to put out the flames, slapped him hard, deafening him in both ears, and he was kicked off the train, when Eddie

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