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What brand is laprairie and how much is a set?

laprairie, a Swiss skin care brand. The price is around 200 to 1,000 yuan.

la prairie skin care routine

laprairie is a Swiss serious brand, focusing on fish seed extract, and has always been a representative of the advanced skin care concept of ladies.

LaPrairie Leponi Caviar Essence Qionggui Cream has been regarded as a representative of “luxury cream” since its birth in 1998. It can effectively make the face firmer, more elastic, and softer, as if it were easy to brush away the traces of time.

Therefore, it is famous all over the world. The caviar series is Leipney’s main series, and the price is also very luxurious. His skin care products are considered luxury skin care products.

What brand of prairie?

LaPrairie is a skin care product. There is a famous LaPrairie wellness center in Monteris, Switzerland, and the LaPrairie skin care series research institute has inherited its proud fine tradition. In the long history of more than half a century, the wellness center has pioneered the use of live cell therapy to fight aging, sharing its unique global joy with many visitors from all over the world.

lamerPKlaprairie Which is better?

Lamer and laprairie are both top skin care products, consider it according to the individual skin type. Lamer is more suitable for repairing problem skin, such as spots, acne marks, and scars. Laprairie is more suitable for wrinkles and aging problems.

In addition, in terms of age, lamer’s classic face cream can be used by these young people. Laprairie is more suitable for older people. Although there is a young series, it is still necessary to choose her family if you don’t buy her caviar…

Top ten Swiss skin care brands?

1. LaPrairie

Regarding Swiss cosmetics, Chinese consumers may think of Laprairie first. The Swiss cosmetics brand is best known for its caviar essence series, such as its caviar essence Qionggui face cream, which is one of the top and most luxurious face creams in the world. The 50ml specification reference price is 4,200 yuan. Caviar essence can inhibit skin aging and prevent pigmentation, so caviar cream, caviar essence eye cream, etc. are very popular with people with mature skin.

Second, Acara (ascara)

Caviar skin care is one of the most influential concepts in Swiss cosmetics, and it is not only Leipney who continues this concept. The ascara (Acara) brand also originating in Switzerland has done an excellent job in related fields, and the price is more attractive than Leipney.

3. Valmont (Valmont)

Valmont is a well-known cosmetic brand in the Swiss beauty industry, and its magic weapon is to combine biotechnology and beauty. It focuses on anti-aging, claiming to be able to extract the integrity of HPDNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) to produce skin care products, effectively delaying skin aging problems.

4. SwissPerfection

Boffini is a brand launched by PRESTIGEPRODUIT (PP for short), and PP is one of the three major anti-aging skin care product research centers and production plants in Switzerland. This PP has a lot of background, because Leipney is the founder of PP, and the relationship is probably that the founder Armin Mattli first made Leipney, and then Leipney was sold, Armin Mattli established PP, and in the 1980s and 1990s developed and produced Beppney.

5. Ruiyan Cellcosmet

Ruiyan is a Swiss brand with the concept of “cell skin care products”. According to Ruiyan’s official website, as a branch of cell therapy, cell skin care products were born in Switzerland in the 1980s. It was inspired by the founder of “cell therapy”, Swiss professor Paul Nihan, who introduced the medical application of cell therapy as early as 1931, and the son of Nihan’s student applied the “living cell method” technology invented by his father to the cosmetic industry.

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