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What brand is kihmekim?

Kihmekim is a Kojak brand.

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Kihmekim Kojak is a well-known independent design brand in China. It was established in 2013 by a group of creative designers and interesting young people. It coexists regardless of identity, and adheres to the independent and distinct position of siyake doing something and not. Kihmekim uses clothing to extend the love and expression of color, nature and emotion in human culture, and shares the touching and joy of inner life. Today kihmekim has become one of the largest independent design brand clothing groups in China.

What does kmoon mean?

The reason why Kim Soo-hyun’s fan name is called this name: Kim Soo-hyun capitalizes a K every time he signs a signature. In DreamHigh, the alias is K. The last letters m, oo, and n of the three words KimSooHyun can just be spelled as moon, moon. Liang revolves around the earth, and Kim Soo-hyun is the gravity of Kmoon. Kmoon can also be understood as the moon that has always hugged the sun.

What does the first sister of Asia, Miss Kim, do?

Miss Kim refers to the Korean singer Kim Hyun-ah, who used to be a member of the Korean girl group 4Minute.

Kim Hyun-ah was born in Gwangju, South Korea in 1992 and made her debut as a WonderGirls member in 2007. In 2010, she quit the WonderGirls with other members and later started a solo career under the stage name HyunA. She has made many achievements in music, acting and fashion, and is known as “the first sister of Asia” and “the queen of K-pop”.

What is a person’s name?

Kim can be Kim as a person’s name. KIMabbr. Keyboardinputmatrix Keyboard input matrix; kineticisotopemethod dynamic isotope method; knowledge-basedintegratedmachine knowledge-based integrated machine; Kim Min-ji, Korean female artist

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