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What brand is it cosmetics?

ITcosmetics is a makeup brand from the United States. It was founded in 2004 by Jamie KernLima. ITCosmetics is a beauty brand that takes “technological innovation” as the starting point, brings clinical experience and technological innovation into makeup design, and substitutes anti-aging technology, high-performance and skin-friendly ingredients into skin care formulas.

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ITcosmetics’ products have powerful concealer function and moisturizing repair and maintenance. Now it belongs to the L’Oreal Group and belongs to a affordable brand. The cost performance is very high.

Many ITcosmetics products are very good. Star products include CC sunscreen concealer, anti-aging eye concealer, highlight brightening cream, color-changing lipstick, ultra-fine mascara, etc., which are very popular with users. As one of the ace products of ITCosmetics, the effect of CC cream is absolutely consistent with the product name “YourSkinButBetter”. After makeup, it will make the skin look natural and natural. The concealer is really good. Many people are using this product.

What brand of skin care product is itrim?

ITRIM is the ultimate brand of skin care products, which belongs to the brand of Akro Co., Ltd.

The ITRIM brand was founded in 2017. ITRIM means “very” and “very”. It focuses on face care series, body care, hair care series and other products. TRIM needs advanced anti-aging care to maintain beauty. ITRIM believes that “face”, “body”, “hair” and all skin are connected together, all of which are kept healthy to make the beauty of the skin more stable.

What does skin care product hydrate mean?

Hydrate refers to hydrate in skin care products and is a component of skin care products.

Hydrate is an English word that can be used as a noun and verb. When used as a noun, it can be translated as hydrate; when used as a verb, it can be translated as (make) hydrate.

Example sentences:

1. Ahydrateisachemicalcompoundthatcontainswater. (Hydrate is a compound that contains water.)

2. Ifasubstancehydratesyourskin, itmakesitsofterandlessdry. (If a substance hydrates your skin, it makes it soft and less dry.)

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