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What brand is CLINIQUE?

Clinique, (CliniqueLaboratories, LLC.) was founded in New York in 1968 and is now part of the Estée Lauder Group in the United States. Its three-step promotion of basic skin care is world-famous. Its chief dermatologist is Dr. Norman Orentreich.

3 step skin care routine clinique

What are the products of Estee Lauder Clinique?

Estée Lauder and Clinique are two different brands, which belong to the same parent company, the Estée Lauder Group. Each brand has its own product line and characteristics. Here are some representative products from both brands:

Estee Lauder Products:

– AdvancedNightRepair: A night-time repair serum that is very popular.

– Double Effect Rejuvenating Eye Cream (RevitalizingSupreme GlobalAnti-AgingCellPowerEyeBalm): used to reduce fine lines and bags under the eyes.

– Platinum Re-Nutriv: High-end skin care series with precious ingredients.

– Qinbai Light Spot Serum (PerfectionistCP RWhiteningComplex): for uneven skin tone and pigmentation problems.

– Red Pomegranate Series (CyberWhiteBrilliantCells): focuses on brightening and brightening skin tone.

– Makeup products such as Long-lasting Flawless Foundation (DoubleWearStay-in-PlaceMakeup) and Charm Infinite Lipstick (PureColorEnvySculptingLipstick).

Clinique Products:

– Butter (DramaticallyDifferentMoisturizingLotion ): Clinique’s signature moisturizing product for all skin types.

– Clinique for Men: Skin care products designed for men’s skin.

– Clinique MoistureSurge: A collection that provides long-term moisturizing.

– Clinique Color Changing Sunscreen (SuperCityBlockBroadSpectrumSPF45PA ): A daily protective product with sun protection.

– Clinique Acne Solutions: Helps control acne and improve skin texture.

– Clinique makeup, such as Clinique Long-lasting makeup eyeliner (QuicklinerforEyesIntense) and Clinique Super Long-lasting Mascara (HighImpactMascara).

As the product line is constantly updated, the specific product name and formula may change. Please refer to the latest product information when purchasing.

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