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What brand is byherb?

byherb is a Korean skin care brand that focuses on natural and organic ingredients and unique formulas. They are committed to providing high-quality skin care products, including masks, serums, lotions, etc. byherb’s products focus on moisturizing, repairing and antioxidant, and are able to meet different skin needs. They use advanced technology and strict quality control to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products. By using byherb’s products, you can enjoy healthy, youthful and smooth skin. Whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin, byherb can provide you with personalized skin care solutions.

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What ingredients are in cosmetic napr?

Cosmetics napr is a product called Euro-Napre preservative launched by CB Company, a Korean raw material manufacturer. Its ingredients are mainly composed of: Qin pepper fruit extract, Korean pulsatilla extract, and balsam extract. Known as pure natural plant extract, it has been certified organic in many countries and regions. Compared with traditional preservatives, it is safe, mild and non-irritating.

Is South Korea Xianzhushe Cosmetics good?

Xianzhushe Cosmetics English trademark AILABELLS, Chinese trademark Xianzhushe.

is a pure natural biofunctional cosmetic. The products are all made of plants and biological raw materials and are produced by bioorganic technology. It is the latest generation of biofunctional cosmetics in Korea. The product is characterized by the addition of no chemical ingredients, hormone ingredients, pigments, fragrances and preservatives, etc., without side effects; the advantage is that it has a good repair effect on various skin, so it is widely used in plastic surgery channels in Korea. It is a new generation of biofunctional cosmetics developed by the Institute of Life Sciences of Suwon University in South Korea. It is now a brand that is very popular in the country.

Is there any Korean cosmetic recommendation suitable for sensitive skin?

With the change of temperature, the most painful thing is the sensitive skin. If you have something to do, you will be red-faced, peeling, allergic, and you can’t touch it! If you have encountered most of the following problems, then congratulations, you are being targeted by sensitivity!

Performance of sensitive skin:

1 Easily affected by environmental factors, seasonal changes and facial skin care products

2 Often redness, itching and fever for no reason

3 Sometimes nasty acne, acne

4 No matter how hydrating and moisturizing, I feel that the skin is dry to the point of cracking

5 It looks like the skin is thin and prone to allergies, and the redness on the face is obvious

In general, sensitive skin is manifested on everyone’s face, and symptoms such as redness, peeling, tightness, and itching can occur.

Many fairies are super distressed about why their skin is so sensitive. In fact, there are many reasons for sensitive skin, including: hereditary sensitivity, irritating sensitive skin, dehydration sensitive skin, but it is also possible that it is their own sensitive skin!

Next, Amway will focus on saving sensitive skin and skin care from Korean brands:

Breathing moisture surprise four-piece set

The pure natural organic fermentation brand under South Korea’s LG Group is pure natural plant fermentation, which does not contain any chemical additives, no pigments, no preservatives, no fragrances, and will not cause a burden on the skin. Pregnant women, breastfeeding, and sensitive skin can use the Korean SU: M37 degree breathing moisture surprise set. Moisture is really sufficient, and it is not greasy at all. It is suitable for oily MM, especially those who are prone to acne, and it is also suitable for MM who needs to be hydrated for dryness.

Korea Ji Fanting ACWELL Ikewei N4 Cream 50ml

Many beautiful women say that the skin is dehydrated, oily and dry and itchy. This may be caused by long-term use in an air-conditioned room. N4 Cream is a moisturizing cream that has a strong calming effect and repairs the skin. It is most suitable for moisturizing creams that lack moisture, are dull and dull or dry and itchy. Quickly relieve allergies, peeling, redness and swelling and other allergic symptoms.

Whoo Houshuiyan Water Cream Three-piece Set

Focuses on moisturizing, hydrating and whitening Applicable people: 20-50 years old Applicable skin type: oily, mixed with oily, sensitive water research series hydrating set belongs to the super hydrating type, developed using the Queen’s Palace Moisture Secret Recipe, which is not greasy, very moisturizing and refreshing. A perfect set that is definitely worth choosing!

Korea OHUI Ouhui, Miracle Hydrating Reservoir, Set

Water 150ml, Milk 130ml, Essence 20ml, Gel Cream 30ml Giveaway: Water 20ml, Milk 20ml, Eye Cream 10ml, Gel Cream 5ml, Mask 1 piece. Lake blue bottle, so beautiful! Refreshing deep hydrating and moisturizing, brightening skin tone, supplying nutrition, promoting deep moisture in the skin, balancing, sensitive skin, pregnant women, and those with thin skin and easy redness can use it with confidence, suitable for any skin type, help the skin to be hydrated from the inside out, create a hydrated and smooth skin, concentrate on hydration, super refreshing, and oil control.

AHC Sleep Mask

A must-have dry skin for lazy people. It is recommended to be super hydrating. Massage on the face will produce water droplets to moisturize and moisturize the dry skin. My wife loves it to death. It is quite hydrating and sensitive skin can also be used. Although the sleep mask is left-alone, I still recommend that the babies wash with water before going to bed obediently, so as not to block the pores overnight!

Spring Rain Honey Water 200ml Milk 150ml

is a very safe moisturizing combination. Like the honey mask, it focuses on natural honey ingredients. 100% zero addition, no preservatives and any harmful chemicals to the human body. Active ingredients 87% are honey stock solution, no pigments and flavors are added, no chemical preservatives are used, and the unique Korean Pulsatilla extract is used as a natural preservative. The lotion is a light honey yellow

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