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What brand is botuoli?

The BOTULI brand is deeply loved by European men and has undergone half a century of development. MR. J. BOTULI (J. BOTULI) is a famous French fashion designer. Born in 1936 in the artistic family BOTULI family in a town in southern France. The BOTULI family was an advocate of French avant-garde art at that time, and had high attainments in the fields of visual art, drama and art design. As a child, J. BOTULI was influenced by the family’s art, which laid a solid foundation for his future success. In 1971, J. BOTULI established his own brand BOTULI, which has been widely recognized by the French upper class and has become an irreplaceable force in French men’s clothing. BOTULI clothing is committed to bringing men a high-quality dress experience

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What are the cheap and good cosmetics in the UK?

1, luxury goods and second-tier brands

Luxury goods in the UK are basically 20% -30% cheaper than those in China, and it is even more cost-effective to encounter the discount season of some brands. Those who like to buy handbags have come to the right place, and they can save a lot of money! Second-tier brands, like longchamp, are very cost-effective when buying in the UK. Domestic prices are about 50% more expensive.

2, watches

Watches of major brands will be 30% -50% cheaper in the UK than in China, and watches of first-line big brands can be more than 50% cheaper. Like BVLGARI, the average price of this brand of watches in China is more than 20,000 yuan, in the UK it is only more than 1,000 pounds, and RMB is only more than 10,000. Fashion watches like GUCCI can be bought for more than 2,000 yuan in the UK, and they can be sold for more than 5,000 yuan in Shanghai. GUESS is cheaper, so the UK is definitely a good place to buy watches.

3, Cosmetic

In the UK, the price of some skin care brands is actually not much different from that in China. For example, LANCOME, SHISHEDO. So don’t think that all skin care products abroad will be cheaper than in China. But cosmeceuticals, especially French brands, are much worse. Vizi’s eye cream is 298 yuan in Shanghai, only 8 pounds in the UK, and more than 80 yuan. Many creams are much cheaper than in China, but makeup remover is about the same as the domestic price. Many of Avon’s products are also more than half cheaper than in Shanghai. So, sisters who go to the UK who also use cosmeceuticals, don’t forget to buy them. High quality and low price.

4, perfume

Buying perfume in the UK will be about 20% cheaper than in China. It is more cost-effective to encounter brands doing activities. Pay more attention to the information of BOOTS. One year at BOOTS, I bought a bottle of BURBERRYWEEKEND for only £14, which sold for almost 400 yuan in China.

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