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What are the words for comparative plus er?

There are many words for comparative plus er. Some comparative add er directly at the end of the word, and some comparative need to use more in front of the word. This is regular. Generally, er is used after monosyllabic words, and more is used before longer multi-syllable words. For example: cheaper, cheaper, moreexpensive, more expensive. General sentence structure: A is/are adjective comparative than B. A is the nominative case and B is the accusative case. Such as: Sheistallerthanme…

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Case of comparative plus more:

1. Changes in comparative and superlative

Rule changes

1) Add -er (comparative), -est (superlative) at the end of a monosyllabic

[Example] Original comparative superlative




2) If a monosyllabic ends with e, add only -r (comparative), -st (superlative)

[Example] finefinerfinest


> widewiderwidest

3) Closed-syllable monosyllabic words with only one consonant at the end must be double-written first, followed by -er (comparative), -est (superlative)

[Example] bigflaterbiggest



4) A few disyllabic words ending in -y, -er, ow, -ble, with -er (comparative), -est (superlative). Words ending in -y, if -y is preceded by a consonant, then y becomes -i, plus -er and -est. Words ending in -e only add -r and -st.

[Example] clevercleverercleverest




5) Other two-syllable and multi-syllable words are preceded by the words more and most.

[Example] carefulmorecarefulmostcareful



Irregular changes

Primary comparison superlative






Note: Some adjectives generally do not compare grades. Such as: right, wrong, woolen, etc.

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