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What are the weight limit items in Gui’an Happy World?

The weight limit items in Gui’an Happy World include roller coasters, roller coasters, merry-go-rounds and other high-speed rides. These items usually require tourists to weigh less than 100 kilograms to ensure safe operation and a comfortable experience for tourists.

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In addition, some water items such as waterslides, rafting rivers, etc. may also have weight restrictions to ensure the safety of tourists and the normal operation of facilities. Tourists are requested to read the relevant regulations carefully before participating in these items and follow the instructions of the staff to ensure their own safety.

Gui’an Happy World Weight Limit?

Gui’an Happy World Some are not limited to weight, and some are limited to less than 100 kilograms.

Is there a lot of weight restrictions in Lishui Adventure Island Water World?

Some high-altitude projects in the Adventure Island Water World Scenic Area have certain requirements for height and weight. The details are as follows:

1. Surfing emulator: 1. 3 meters or more;

2. Four combination slides: 1. 4 meters or more, below 90kg;

3. Challenger and fast shuttle big loop: 1. 5 meters or more, between 50-100kg;

4. Tornado (big horn): 1. Above 4 meters, between 35-90kg;

5. Storm Eye: 1. Above 4 meters, between 35-90kg;

6. Octopus Slide: 1. Above 2 meters, between 40-110kg;

7. Family Fun and Big Round Raft: 1. Above 2 meters, below 90kg;

8. Rafting River: 1. Children under 5 meters are required to wear life jackets.

9. Wave Pool: A life jacket is required to enter the yellow area.

Does the boxing heavyweight go up without weight restrictions?

Yes, the boxing heavyweight goes up without weight restrictions. Because the World Boxing Association (WBA) and the International Boxing Federation (IBF) have abolished the weight limit for super heavyweights, that is, the maximum weight limit for exceeding the original heavyweight. This is to stimulate more fighters to participate in this level, and to add more excitement and competition to more competitions. At the same time, it also provides opportunities for some larger players, who can enter this level with their own advantages and strength, and challenge more difficult opponents and competitions. But this also requires boxers themselves to have higher technical level, stronger physical quality and better physical fitness to support their performance in the competition, in order to achieve excellent performance in this level.

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