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What are the three necessities for survival in the wild?

The three necessities for survival in the wild include daggers, flint, and mini first aid kits.

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1. dagger. As we all know, survival in the wild, especially in the forest, will have any flying insects, beasts, and monsters, and these monsters are aggressive to a certain extent, so we need to bring a dagger, which can not only be used as self-defense, but also can be used to cut down branches, cut stones, and dig soil.

2. Flint. You should be clear that what you need most for survival in the wild is fire. Although we have the ancient invention of drilling wood to make fire, this way of making fire is too slow and affects survival.

3. mini first aid kit. People are floating in rivers and lakes, how can they not be cut. It is inevitable that you will be injured and poisoned. At this time, there are some special medicines, and the roommate of the first aid kit is very useful.

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