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What are the ten most powerful anti-wolf techniques for girls?

1. Put a pin jewelry in your carry-on bag.

If you encounter a hooligan harassing you in the back. Quietly take out the pin, straighten the needle, and then, haha, I don’t need to teach it. 2. Remember that stiletto sandals not only make you look tall and upright, but also have the effect of self-defense. Think about the scream he made when the sharp heel stepped on the hooligan’s feet… Then turn around and look at him innocently, and say gracefully, I’m sorry! 3. It is recommended to quickly turn around and use the knee to hit it! Remember to call the people around you loudly for help at the same time, so as not to be sued by his villain first. 4. Grab him and call 110 to call the police. Below we mainly introduce some feasible and easy-to-learn skills: 1. Belly Hitting: When the neck is strangled by the gangster, quickly hit the gangster’s abdomen with a fist or elbow to make him let go. 2. Stomping: Use the heel to push the front of the gangster’s shins or stomp the gangster’s feet hard (women’s high heels are especially good, calculate the weight of fifty kilograms, and the cone heel is stomped hard, and its strength can reach 3/4 tons per square inch). 3. Twist Fingering: When encountering the gangster strangling or hugging himself, quickly pinch his little finger and pull it hard to the outside, causing severe pain or breaking his fingers. 4. Throat Poking: Fingers are closed and straightened, and poke the gangster’s throat with fingertips or palms. 5. Knee strike method: When approaching the gangster, lift the knee to the crotch or crotch and lower abdomen of the gangster. 6. Eye poke method: Use two fingers to cross into a V shape and stab the gangster’s eyes hard. 7. Mouth bite method: Especially after women are caught by the gangster, when they have to, they can bite the gangster’s tongue, nose, lips, ears and fingers. 8. Head hit method: When approaching the gangster, they can use the head to hit the gangster’s chest, abdomen and head and other key parts. 9. Instrument method: With the help of portable equipment to prevent wolves (1) Whistle, because most gangsters are afraid of being discovered, blow the whistle to attract the attention of the surrounding people and let the gangster retreat. ( 2) Carry sharp objects or anti-wolf rings with you. Usually carry sharp objects or anti-wolf rings in your handbag. When fighting with gangsters, leave a few holes for it. It is recommended to use anti-wolf rings, about twenty yuan each, which is not easy to get rid of, easy to use, and can be used in conjunction with the above points 1, 4, and 6. (3) Anti-wolf flashlights, usually placed in your handbag, can be used as flashlights in the dark. When fighting with gangsters, even if you are facing tough gangsters, just touch it and you can easily stun it without any skills. About two hundred yuan, not easy to buy

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