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What are the techniques for making spots?

Lattice Laser: Uses laser energy to form tiny point-like damage on the skin, stimulate the skin to regenerate collagen, and fade spots.

blotchy acne prone skin care routine

Picosecond Laser: Uses ultrashort pulse laser energy to quickly crush pigment particles, making them decompose into smaller particles, which are easier to be metabolized and excreted by the skin.

Photon Rejuvenation: Uses strong pulsed light to act on the skin, stimulate collagen regeneration, fade spots, and improve skin texture.

Chemical Exfoliation: Uses chemicals to remove the surface layer of the skin, stimulate skin regeneration, fade spots, and improve skin texture.

Microcrystalline Dermabrasion: Use tiny crystal particles to remove the surface layer of the skin, stimulate skin regeneration, fade spots, and improve skin texture.

Fruit Acid Rejuvenation: Use fruit acid to remove the surface layer of the skin, stimulate skin regeneration, fade spots, and improve skin texture.

Acne Muscle Makeup Tutorial?

Step 1: Before applying makeup, first clean the facial skin! This is essential. After cleansing the face, apply water milk to moisturize the face, so as to avoid the situation of stuck powder.

Step 2: Then take out the foundation, dip an appropriate amount in the puff, first point on the part of the face with acne, and then apply it evenly outward. After applying a layer of foundation to the area with acne, apply foundation to other areas one after another. If there are wrinkles around your eyes and face, then when applying the foundation, you can wipe off some foundation with a puff, and then gently press with the puff to apply the foundation, which can prevent the wrinkles from getting stuck in the powder!

Step 3: Use the puff to check whether the overall foundation on the face is evenly applied. After finishing, you can conceal the acne. Take out the concealer pen and click twice on the area with acne, and click wherever there is acne. However, the concealer pen is relatively dry, so it is recommended to point on the larger acne.

Step 4: When applying makeup with acne on your face, it is not enough to use only a concealer pen, but also a concealer liquid! Although the concealer degree of the concealer liquid is relatively weak, the effect is very natural, and it can be more integrated with the concealer pen and the foundation. Use a small amount of concealer liquid to apply to the peripheral area where the concealer pen has been spotted, and let it naturally smudge. If there are still spots or dark circles on your face, you can also use the concealer liquid to cover and fade.

Step 5: If after using the concealer pen and concealer liquid, you feel that the base makeup on your face is still not perfect, then you can also use the concealer again! Take out a brush and dip an appropriate amount of concealer on the part of your face that you think is not perfect, so that the flawless base makeup is completed! Acne is also covered

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