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What are the steps to use Korea Yisi Cosmetics?

Basic skin care product usage order: toner-lotion-essence (cream or stock solution) -sunscreen-various

korean mature skin care routine on a budget

Korean prestige skin care products full set of usage order?

First use water, then use milk, then use cream, general skin care products are the order of water cream

Eye skin care steps?

Skin care steps can vary depending on an individual’s skin type, needs and preferences, but the general eye skin care steps include the following basic steps:

Cleansing: Thoroughly cleanse the facial skin, including makeup removal, facial cleansing, and removal of dirt, oil, etc. You can use suitable cleansing products and choose suitable facial cleanser, cleansing cream, cleansing soap and other products according to your skin type.

Toning/Conditioning: Use toner or conditioning water to adjust the pH value of the skin, help shrink pores, soothe the skin, and prepare for subsequent skin care steps. You can choose suitable toner or conditioning water according to your skin type.

Essence/Repair: Apply products such as essence, repair liquid or cream to help moisturize the skin, repair skin problems, and provide nutrition and repair. You can choose suitable essence and repair products according to your personal needs.

Eye Care: Apply an eye cream or eye serum suitable for the skin around the eyes to help moisturize and protect the skin around the eyes, and reduce problems such as fine lines and dark circles under the eyes.

Mask: Use the mask regularly. You can choose a suitable mask according to your personal skin type and needs, such as a moisturizing mask, a deep cleansing mask, a whitening mask, etc., to help provide additional nutrition and repair.

Sun Protection: During the day, apply suitable sunscreen products to protect the skin from UV rays and prevent sunburn, skin aging and other problems.

The above are the general eye and skin care steps. The specific steps and product selection should be adjusted according to personal skin type, needs and seasons. It is recommended that when choosing skin care products, choose the appropriate product according to your skin type and needs, and use it correctly according to the method and frequency of use of the product. Follow scientific skin care principles and maintain good skin care habits. If you have special skin problems or need professional advice, it is recommended to consult a professional dermatologist or beautician.

Do Korean skin care products use essence first and then water and milk?

Dear~ Normally, it is the order of water, milk, and essence. However, there is also an essence called muscle bottom liquid, such as Lancome small black bottle, South Korea’s Xuehuaxiu’s moisturizing essence. Generally speaking, the muscle bottom liquid is recommended to be used before water. Dear, the essence mentioned in the title may mean muscle bottom liquid first, but it also depends on the situation. If the texture of the makeup water used by the pro is tap water, the order of water-muscle bottom essence-milk is recommended. If it is water with a sticky texture, it is recommended that the muscle bottom essence-water-milk.

Hope it can help you~

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