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What are the specific requirements for going abroad for a medical examination to New Zealand?

The necessary steps to apply for a visa to study in New Zealand – medical examination. That is, after the AIP (that is, after the New Zealand Embassy approves in principle), the embassy will send a letter to notify the medical examination and pay the tuition fee. These two things must be completed within two months, not more than two months (usually this time is not negotiable). The visa officer receives a qualified medical examination form as a necessary condition for issuing a visa. At the same time, the visa officer will also issue the visa according to the different start time of each student, usually within one month before the start of the school. Of course, in special circumstances such as holidays, the visa officer will also break the practice and issue the visa earlier. Such as the Spring Festival in China, Christmas in New Zealand, etc. At the same time, please note that the valid period of your medical examination results is only three months, and the New Zealand Immigration Bureau never accepts expired medical examination reports. If you are worried about any problems during the medical examination, you can do an examination yourself in advance for reference. This result cannot be submitted to the embassy. The medical examination results must be sealed by the hospital and submitted to the embassy by us. Since it is sealed, the applicant’s name, birthday, AIPRerferceNo. (the file number of the embassy), the embassy area (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong), the name of the visa officer and other information will be indicated on the envelope. At this time, the applicant needs to cooperate with us and hand over the sealed medical examination results to us as soon as possible, so that they can be submitted to the embassy in time. About the common questions in the medical examination of studying abroad: 1. If the applicant is only a healthy carrier of hepatitis B (positive for hepatitis B surface antigen), under normal circumstances, it will not affect the application due to unqualified medical examination. The positive rate of Australian antibodies among Chinese people is very high. In essence, as long as the liver function is normal, these people are healthy and should not have any unnecessary worries. Judging from the results of checking the five indicators of hepatitis B, these five indicators are: HBsAg (that is, Australian antibodies), HBsAb. HBcAb, HBeAg and HBeAb. 1. Australian antibodies are positive, and the other four indicators are negative. This situation is normal and can pass the physical examination. 2. Australian antibodies are positive, but they are small Sanyang, that is, the first, fourth and fifth indicators are positive, and the liver function is normal. This situation is normal and can pass the physical examination. 3. Australian antibodies are positive, but they are big three yang, that is, the first, third and fourth indicators are positive, and the liver function is normal. This situation is actually healthy and can pass the physical examination. 4. Australian antibodies are positive, big three yang, and the liver function is abnormal. This situation is likely to have hepatitis, and it is best to cure the disease in China first. The Immigration Bureau needs to send a medical examination report to New Zealand for review, and the results are difficult to say. Second, if the ratio of obesity weight to height exceeds, you need to check blood sugar, white blood cells, red blood cells, etc. The physical examination results are likely to be returned to New Zealand for testing, and the cycle will take about a month. So while students try to maintain a suitable figure for health and beauty, they have another very important significance, studying in New Zealand. Third, the vision examination mainly includes two items. The first is to correct the naked eye vision. If the applicant is myopic and usually wears contact lenses, then be sure to wear a frame mirror on the day of the physical examination. If someone tries to use contact lenses to fool through, there is no need for this, because this is not the deciding link. The second is the color blindness examination. It is very simple. We often encounter it. Give the applicant a small book and read the numbers above. Fourth, Have you had any major diseases or surgeries in the past five to ten years? If necessary, show the hospital instructions and a doctor’s certificate, indicating that the applicant has recovered. Of course, there is really no sign. It is recommended that no explanation is required, unless serious sequelae are left. The applicant needs to communicate with the doctor of the hospital for a medical examination, and she will tell you how to operate it. Special Tip: Please be sure to wait until the results of the physical examination come out before leaving the medical examination hospital. The hospital will inform the applicant of the problems detected at this stage. Therefore, this waiting is very important and necessary. If there is a problem in any aspect, the doctor will recommend doing it again, so the students who go for the medical examination must leave enough time, patiently cooperate with the doctor to do every step to ensure that the medical examination process is completely completed, and can only leave the hospital after obtaining the doctor’s consent.

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