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What are the services provided by the confinement center?

Mother care services: sign monitoring, wound care, breast care, feeding guidance, physical evaluation, etc.

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Mother’s daily care services: room disinfection, laundry washing and disinfection, linen change, daily wipe, daily care, room temperature and humidity monitoring, etc.

Postpartum recovery services: postpartum physical weakness, postpartum reproductive obesity, postpartum physical recovery, postpartum uterus rejuvenation, postpartum psychological counseling, etc.

Baby care services: baby sign monitoring, umbilical care, pediatric massage, growth status evaluation, etc. Personalized confinement meals/production escort services/baby swimming SPA services. Of course, my favorite is the other activities of Fu Yueyan, their mother salon activities, new mothers share their parenting experience with each other and enrich their spare time life.

What is fat-killing enzyme?

Lipase is an important enzyme substance that participates in the metabolic process of fat, and its main function is to decompose fatty acids and reduce the accumulation of fat. People often use fat-killing enzyme products when they are managing their weight or losing weight. This is because the body’s own metabolism of fat may be affected by some environmental factors or genes, resulting in fat savings and weight gain. The function of fat-killing enzymes is to accelerate the process of fat metabolism, allowing the body to consume more fat, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. Lipidase can also be supplemented by food or drugs. Common sources of lipidase include lemon, grapefruit, yeast, etc. There are also some lipidase enhancers for people to choose from. However, due to the different content and metabolic rate of lipidase in each person, the effect of supplementing lipidase may vary, so you need to pay attention when using it.

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