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What are the resources of Antarctica?

There are many attractive resources in the Antarctic region. First of all, the mineral resources of the Antarctic continent, followed by marine biological resources.

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Antarctica has the largest iron ore reserves in the world. Located in the Antarctic continent, the iron ore reserves are rich and the iron content is high. It is known as the “Antarctic Iron Mountain”, which can be exploited and utilized by the world for 200 years, making it the largest in the world.

Antarctica has the largest coal field in the world. The Permian coal seams in the Antarctic continent are widely distributed under the ice sheet of East Antarctica, with reserves of about 500 billion tons.

The oil resources in Antarctica are extremely rich. The oil reserves of the Antarctic continent have not yet been determined, but at least they are Antarctic krill is a special aquatic resource in the Southern Ocean. Its reserves are about 400 million tons to 600 million tons. From the perspective of ecological balance, 50 million tons can be caught every year, which is equivalent to half of the total catch in the world today.

Antarctica is the world’s largest freshwater resource bank. The Antarctic continent alone stores 72% of the freshwater available to humans.

It should be pointed out that the resources in the Antarctic region are waiting for humans to explore and find out.

1 Overview of Antarctic Resources

Antarctica is extremely rich in mineral resources and energy, which has been fully proved by nearly half a century of Antarctic scientific expeditions.

1. 1 Marine living resources The extremely harsh natural conditions in Antarctica greatly limit the survival and reproduction of land animals and plants. However, in the vast Southern Ocean, there is a vibrant world of life, both in terms of marine species and biomass, especially the rich resources of whales, seals, krill, fish and seabirds. Antarctic krill is the most important crustacean plankton in the Southern Ocean, and it is also the largest biological resource in the Southern Ocean and the most critical link in the biological chain. According to preliminary investigation, the total reserves of krill in Antarctic waters are conservatively estimated to be about 6-1.20 billion tons, which can be caught 50 million tons per year without affecting its ecological balance (Ling Xiaoliang et al., 2005). It is equivalent to half of the world’s total marine catch today, and has been hailed as the “protein resource warehouse” of the future of mankind.

What idiom does it use to describe the joy of a bumper harvest?

Idioms are:

1. Fruitful: refers to the accumulation of many large fruits, and it is also a metaphor for achieving excellent results.

2. Wufengdeng: refers to the bumper harvest of crops.

3. Chunhua Qiushi: a metaphor for literary talent and virtue, and a metaphor for spring flowers and autumn fruits.

4. Warehouse box can be expected: originally refers to a bumper harvest of grain, and later refers to the abundance of property or the wealth of people.

5. Harvest in sight: refers to the sight of a bumper harvest.

6. Fragrant rice: Describes the scene of a bumper harvest of rice.

7. Harvest: Describes the rich harvest of fishing.

8. Returning with a full load: Describes the rich harvest.

9. Fruit Abundance Warehouse: Refers to the fact that there are many fruits on the fruit tree, all of which are piled up in the warehouse.

Overall, these idioms express the emotions of harvest and joy.

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