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What are the requirements when a flight attendant needs?

Maintain a good personal image

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Flight attendants should first pay attention to their first impression on passengers. When passengers have a very good impression of you, they will develop a sense of trust in you, and even have a very rational reliance on you, so that they can build a bridge of communication with passengers at the first time.

Smile and receive passengers cordially, so that passengers feel at home. Before starting the day’s work, flight attendants should be in the best state and ready to provide the best service for each passenger. Therefore, before serving passengers, flight attendants must check their appearance from top to bottom; is their hair neatly combed? Do you dress according to railway regulations? Do you have dandruff on your shoulders? Are your shoes and socks stained? These all represent the image of the railway and yourself, and a good professional image not only makes passengers feel happy, but also makes them full of confidence.

Pay attention to the environment of your workplace

The flight attendant is responsible for keeping the carriage clean. He should always pay attention to sorting out the items on the luggage rack to ensure that the items are placed in a standard manner, and should keep abreast of the situation and needs of passengers in a timely manner to provide passengers with high-quality and appropriate services.

With the improvement of residents’ living standards, the riding environment will also improve. The carriage should not only be a place to ride, but also a place to make passengers feel comfortable and warm. Clean, bright, orderly and elegantly arranged carriages can not only highlight the characteristics of the train, but also set it off better, can attract passengers, a new image of the front line, and increase visibility.

Continuously enrich the professional knowledge of train services

Flight attendants should have high quality, business proficiency, excellent technology, strong adaptability, and high operating standards. The structure of the carriage, the functions of each part, the method of use, safety knowledge, etc. can explain the method of use to passengers in detail. Start from little things, start from the subtleties, and face passengers with sincere service. This will represent a professional image of the individual, and use service skills to attract and satisfy customers. Can make passengers have confidence in us and identify with the railway and its services. Tracking management is implemented for key passengers and targeted services are provided.

Ping Pong Liang Jingkun Height?

Ping Pong Liang Jingkun Height is 1.73 meters.

Liang Jingkun (Liang Jingkun) is one of the six main players in Ping Pong. He is 1.73 meters tall and weighs 160. The ball he hits is quite ferocious and imposing, but he has no achievements in personal singles.

When it comes to Liang Jingkun’s nickname, some people think of the cute “Liang Tiantian”, while others think of the domineering “Giant Killer”.

Indeed, there is a very strong contrast between the main force of this national table tennis team: he is cute and honest on the outside, and domineering and brave when attacking. But reviewing his growth path, it seems that it is more appropriate to describe him as “King of Headwinds”.

Because he can always calm down and temper silently for a long time, and then find opportunities and Yiming is amazing.

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