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What are the requirements for being an online model?

What are the requirements to become a fashion model? Is it okay to have a tall figure? The answer is no. Some time ago, there was a media report that in a recent model contest held in China, more than 70% of the contestants had a college degree, and a considerable number of them had a bachelor’s degree. They are not only impeccable in figure and appearance, but also in terms of cultural level, in terms of speech and manners. To become a fashion model, you must have a good foundation of body and appearance, and other factors, such as personal temperament, cultural foundation, personality quality, and the ability to display clothing. To be a successful model. Therefore, as a model, she should have comprehensive qualities in all aspects. To sum up, there are several conditions such as body shape, appearance, temperament, cultural foundation, professional feeling, and display ability.

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(1) Body shape

Height is the most basic condition for a model. Female clothing models are generally between 1.72 and 1.85 meters tall. Today, several supermodels in the world, such as Cindy Crawford (Cindycrawford), Claudia Xifu and others, are all around 1.82 meters tall. Female advertising models are generally over 1.66 meters tall. Male models are generally over 1. 80~ 1.90 meters, bust 86~ 90 cm, waist 63~ 78 cm, weight 70~ 80 kg. Harmonious body proportions are an important physiological basis for models. For models who embody the beauty of human form, we can use the “Golden Section Law” as a reference when judging whether their body shape is harmonious. For the body proportions of models, we can analyze them from the following aspects.

1. Upper and lower body proportions – The requirement for models is that the lower body is longer than the upper body. 2. Size and calf proportions – The proportion of calves to thighs is nearly equal or slightly longer than thighs.

3. Head-to-body ratio – The head length is 1/7 to 1/8 of the body length. A smaller head will make the body appear more dexterous.

4. Measurements – The chest should not be too stiff, the buttocks should be narrow, and the buttocks should not fall.

(2) Appearance

Although the appearance is not as prominent as the body, it is also a very important image factor. For models, the ideal head shape is oval, and the face shape should not be wide, but can be slightly longer. Facial features are the minimum requirement, not very beautiful, as long as you have personality, you can still stand out.

(3) Temperament

An excellent model often has a unique temperament. It includes human posture, expression, expression, speech and behavior, etc. As a model, only a good figure and facial features are far from enough. Only with a good temperament can you bring out a beautiful fashion. Therefore, it is very important for models to always pay attention to their inner cultivation and appearance.

(4) Cultural Foundation

In people’s minds, as long as they have a tall figure, a beautiful face can become a good model. In fact, this understanding is wrong. If this is the case, then why should the country set up modeling majors in various higher education, technical secondary school, and technical clothing colleges, and randomly select some people who meet the standards of figure and appearance in the society? The facts tell us that although education and cultural literacy are not absolutely the same concept, models who have not entered higher education schools still need to acquire some necessary knowledge through other means.

Imagine a model with a cultural foundation, he (or she) has a variety of unique performance styles for different clothing styles, so that it is easy to form their own personality and easy to develop professionally. In fact, there are many cultural knowledge that is closely related to model performance. For example, music knowledge, dance knowledge, costume design, photography art, stage lighting, etc., are all things that people engaged in modeling must know. Even if they cannot master these things, they must be familiar with them.

(5) Professional feeling

The professional feeling of a model generally includes clothing feeling and stage feeling. The so-called clothing feeling is an intuitive judgment of clothing, that is, people who are familiar with clothing trends; people who know which style is suitable for which body and temperament; and people who are proficient in the personality requirements of their own image. In layman’s terms, it is to rely on their own intuition to explore the most in trends and dress according to the trend information.

We often see that some good-looking people have no charm when they go on stage, which is related to the stage feeling. I think the stage feeling is related to personal talent, but the cultivation of the day after tomorrow is also very important. We often see some supermodels, who often enter a state of being handy and unobserved when performing on a fashion show. They can express the beauty of fashion in every move. Their stage feeling can often bring the performing arts to the peak.

(6) Display ability

General display ability includes both stage performance skills and the ability to display clothing. No matter what kind of model, they should have the skills to walk the stage on the T-stage, that is, to walk the catwalk. Stage performance skills are generally developed through professional training. Fashion shows generally require models to understand the designer’s design intentions and the purpose of choreographing and arranging music and walking the stage. The content of these requirements is the ability of the model to display clothing.

The above six points are the basic conditions necessary to become a qualified model.

As an excellent model, you must not only have good physical conditions and cultural foundation, but also have a certain understanding of clothing design, production and fabrics, accessories, music, stage lighting, etc. The model’s workplace is on the T-stage. If you want to succeed on the stage, you must cultivate various related qualities off the stage. I think it may be related to why a generation of fashion design masters Dior called fashion models “costume actors”!

Wish you success!!!

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