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What are the most effective ways to treat acne quickly?

In daily life, I believe that many people have the trouble of acne. A lot of acne on the face not only affects the appearance of the face, but also makes people less confident. So, what are the treatments for acne? What causes acne? How to prevent acne? Let’s find out.

best skin care routine for chin acne

Most acne on the skin is caused by sensitive skin. In order to reduce the rate of acne on the skin, cleansing is very important. You should also be careful when using skin care products. You need to pay attention not to use skin care products where acne occurs. Try to keep it dry, and try to avoid using irritating and greasy skin care products.

Acne during adolescence is normal, and it is abnormal if it is not long. Don’t think that it is good to bring pus and white oil particles from acne to the skin. This method is extremely harmful to the skin. Because acne-prone skin is in a sensitive and irritated state, if you squeeze it with your hands, it will reinfect the acne, and poor care will leave acne marks or pits. Wait patiently for 2 to 3 weeks, and the pimples will fall off naturally and return to their original appearance.

This truth is relatively simple. Pay attention to personal hygiene habits in life, which determines the time the pimples stay on the face. If youth grows around the chin and the corners of the mouth, please do not wear clothes with a collar. Because the collar is a place where dirt is hidden, it is extremely easy to make the pimples worse due to friction.

If you don’t want more pimples on your skin, you can consume more vegetables and fruits with a lot of vitamins. And ensure adequate sleep and normal eating habits, especially those who like to eat spicy and greasy foods, must avoid mouth in order to survive on the beautiful road.

Emergency plan

1. Emergency and effective is hot and cold therapy, that is, wash your face with hot water first, and then wash it with cold water again.

2. You can steam your face with steam, which can dredge pores and inhibit sebum secretion.

3. You can also use cucumber as a mask, which can make the skin converge and make the skin smooth and not greasy.

4. An hour before going to bed, order aromatherapy, take a hot bath, and then use a body lotion with calming and decompression effects to relieve tension, and have a good night’s sleep. Stressed adults will naturally disappear from acne.

Supplementary food

Kelp – rich in minerals, regular consumption can regulate the pH in the blood and prevent the skin from secreting too much oil.

Bitter melon – contains vitamin B and vitamin C, which has a significant effect on reducing fire and removing heat. It can treat acne and freckles caused by strong liver fire.

Basic countermeasures

1. Refinement can effectively relax the mind to adjust the regularity of cell metabolism and sebum secretion.

2. Pay attention to the diet structure and try to eat less spicy, fried and high-calorie foods.

3. Drink more green tea, the tannins in green tea are indispensable. You can also brew green tea with boiling water, let it cool, and then wash your face. Wash it repeatedly for a while, and pat the place with acne to let them drink a full cup of green tea.

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