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What are the medical-grade sunscreens?

, Luyan Sunscreen

skin care routine sunscreen

2, Corikin Huoyuan Revitalizing Sunscreen Spray

3, Baizhi Extract Hydrating Protective Cream

4, Meipa Bio Invisible Sunscreen

5, Corikin Health Isolation

6, Dr. Wu Efficient Soothing Sunscreen

7, VitaLab Qingyan Efficient Sunscreen

8, Duke H Erica Sunscreen Gel

9, GHC Efficient Sunscreen Lotion

10, Quintessence Foundation Sunscreen Repair Cream, these are relatively good choices

What skin care products do you use for sunscreen?

Just put on the sun, we must use physical sunscreen. One of Mary Kay’s products is very good, and its effect is very good.

What should I apply before sunscreen?

Apply water milk skin care products before applying sunscreen. When applying sunscreen, first clean the face thoroughly, then perform basic skin care on the skin, apply toner and lotion in turn, and if the skin is not moisturized enough, you can also apply a layer of cream. After doing a good job of hydrating and moisturizing the skin, you can apply sunscreen.

Sunscreen can prevent the skin from photoaging, avoid the skin from being tanned or sunburned, and prevent melanin precipitation from forming pigmentation on the skin.

If you want a better sunscreen effect, you must apply it half an hour before going out, so that the sunscreen can play a better sunscreen effect after going out.

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