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What are the materials of skin care product storage boxes?

The materials of skin care product storage boxes are various. Common materials are plastic, glass, metal and wood. You need to choose according to your own needs and preferences:

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Plastic: Plastic storage boxes have the advantages of being cheap and lightweight, but they are fragile and not durable. It is recommended to choose PP or PE materials to avoid BPA.

Glass: Glass storage boxes have the advantages of high-grade, beautiful and transparent, but they are fragile and heavy, and are suitable for placing in a fixed place.

Metal: Metal storage boxes have the advantages of durability and waterproofing, but they are heavier in size. When choosing, pay attention to whether there is a rust problem.

Wood: The wooden storage box has the advantages of being natural, environmentally friendly and beautiful, but it is easy to get damp and black, and needs regular maintenance and cleaning.

Where do I need to buy skin care products for beauty salons?

Rule 1: The basics of skin care Whether it is whitening, hydrating, moisturizing, anti-aging, or even cleaning, any skin care step needs to start with the skin type, which is the foundation of choosing skin care products.

Only by prescribing the right medicine can I choose my own skin care products and give full play to the efficacy of skin care products. In fact, not everyone can clearly tell their skin type, whether it is dry, oily, neutral or sensitive, no two people’s skin is exactly the same. So if the skin care products that suit others are applied to your face, the effectiveness may be greatly reduced. If you want to find out your skin type, how can the shopping guide at the cosmetics counter be more experienced than a dermatologist?! Therefore, asking a dermatologist for advice is the best way. Rule 2: Don’t compete with “natural” Skin care products are definitely not a changeable elixir. If you are dark due to the wind and sun, then whitening products can help you, and if you have a darker skin tone, then give up and be a black beauty, because whitening products are only effective for acquired skin tone changes. Skin care products that are really indispensable: Sunscreen: There is no doubt that the damage of sunlight to the skin is the absolute culprit of skin aging. Moisturizing/hydrating: Keep the skin moisturized in order to delay the process of skin aging. Rule 3: What do you want to do with skin care products? If there is a bottle of skin care products that can solve all skin problems, if you have such an illusion, then you will probably believe the nonsense that “one medicine can cure all diseases”! You must first figure out what kind of skin problems you want to solve, and then choose the products that suit you in a targeted manner. The more single-use skin care products, the more professional your ability to solve problems will be. Rule 4: Who is making skin care products work? If the skin care products cannot find specific ingredient instructions from the box to the bottle, then this product should not be used. Most people don’t pay attention to the ingredients when buying skin care products, but in fact, this is the most important thing to make skin care products work.

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