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What are the majors of Luoyang Forestry Vocational TechAcademy?

Faculty Overview

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The official website of Luoyang Forestry Vocational TechAcademy shows that the college has 6 teaching departments including the Department of Ecological Engineering and Tourism, the Department of Landscape Architecture, the Department of Information and Art Design, the Department of Economic Trade, the Department of Automobile and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and the Ministry of Basic Education, and 36 specialties are offered. Among them, garden technology, garden engineering technology, horticultural technology, control numerical technology, forest eco-tourism, and animation production technology are key construction majors in Henan Province. Computer network technology, accounting, e-commerce, automobile testing and maintenance technology, and mechatronics technology are provincial teaching demonstration majors. The Henan Branch of the School of further education of Beijing Forestry University is located in our college. At present, there are forestry, landscape, computer, accounting and other undergraduate and junior majors.

What are the top ten most popular occupations in the future?

1,. The employment prospects of the construction industry are still optimistic

Although the real estate industry is facing a series of pressures recently, in the talent market, the demand for real estate-related majors, including architecture, design, planning, sales and other talents, is still relatively strong.

With the increase of investment in infrastructure by the state and various places, the employment prospects of graduates majoring in construction and real estate are still optimistic.

Especially in the past two years, road and bridge construction and other related professions have begun to heat up, which has made road and bridge planners popular. Employers say that this is mainly related to the upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the current urban infrastructure building efforts. The upgrading of the manufacturing industry urgently needs to replenish fresh blood, and the strengthening of infrastructure building urgently needs professionals.

2. The potential of special fields in the medical industry is unlimited

With the continuous deepening of the reform of the medical system, there will be more private hospitals, which makes medical students more sought after. Moreover, due to the increasing pressure of people’s work and life, the prevalence of disease is also increasing, and the existing medical system cannot fully meet the needs of society, which has formed a seller’s market in the medical industry. Therefore, medical professionals will become more and more popular. According to the analysis of relevant departments, in the future, talents engaged in geriatric medicine will become popular, and health care physicians and family nurses will also become popular talents. In addition, the demand for nursing personnel who specialize in personal services will also increase.

3. The level of demand in the art industry continues to rise

Traditional art, music, performance and other majors have gradually revealed problems such as narrow employment opportunities.

Traditional art is constantly intersecting with computer technology, industry, architecture, management and other disciplines, and many new majors have been derived. Correspondingly, these majors have become popular in recent years. At present, there is a shortage of professionals in advertising design, industrial design, architectural design, environmental art design, public relations planning, animation production, game design, and game design.

The art major is developing in the direction of multi-disciplinary integration, and the application scope of practical art is becoming more and more extensive. If you don’t understand physics and architecture, you can’t do architecture and decoration design; if you don’t understand computers, you can’t do digital audio-visual works. The employment pressure of “lame” graduates who are seriously missing in cultural courses is bound to be not small.

4. Liberal arts graduates (such as those majoring in literature, history, and philosophy) find it difficult to find employment. Due to the limited demand for such talents in society, and the lack of professional skills in such disciplines and the large number of substitutes, the employment of students in these majors is limited. The same problem also appears in the graduates of pure science majors who focus on basic research.

Therefore, students majoring in liberal arts cannot simply master copywriting skills, but should also master some other technologies, such as computer knowledge, economics knowledge, foreign languages, etc., in order to be competent for relatively demanding jobs in the future. In the process of career selection, in addition to paying attention to traditional job search projects, such as corporate administrative assistants, secretarial and other jobs, it should also be noted that the demand for talents in media, publishing, advertising, marketing and other jobs is relatively large, and liberal arts students have an advantage. For students majoring in pure science who do basic subject research, if they are good at accumulation at ordinary times, they will also have acquired advantages in popular industries: solid basic skills and quick start. Graduates of these majors can also turn to relevant popular industries, such as IT, finance, education and other industries.

5. The regional supply and demand imbalance in the teacher industry

The survey shows that the stability and autonomy of work, and the high salary have made teachers one of the most popular professions. Judging from the employment situation in big cities, the supply and demand of normal students are approaching balance, among which private educational institutions (including training institutions) account for a large proportion of the demand for normal talents. Among the majors in normal education, the majors with greater demand include pedagogy, special education, educational technology, mathematics, Chinese language and literature, English, Japanese, physics, computer and other majors.

Due to the adjustment of China’s education policy, a large number of private schools and vocational schools have emerged in recent years, which has increased the employment opportunities for normal students and broadened the job market for graduates in the education system. However, it cannot be ignored that the central and western parts of China are facing the reality of a shortage of high-quality teachers and a lack of preparation in the grass-roots education system, while the teacher positions in big cities are increasingly saturated, and it is impossible to accept a large number of graduates. Therefore, employment in the general education system is facing greater competition and pressure. In the past two or three years, provincial capitals in the central and western regions and second- and even third-tier cities in some economically developed areas have become hot spots for normal graduates to find jobs.

6. The transportation crew industry is an unprecedented hotspot for employment

With the gradual deepening of exchanges between China and the world, the country has changed its policy from a major civil aviation country to a powerful civil aviation country. At present, the requirements of citizens for transportation efficiency have generally improved. Especially after the Beijing Olympic Games, the requirements for service quality in China’s transportation industry have gradually increased, and the demand for crew personnel is strong. It should be said that its employment prospects are unprecedented optimistic.

With the development of China’s tertiary industry, service science will inevitably become the hottest major to settle down. According to the 12th Five-Year Plan of the Civil Aviation Administration, more than 300 civil airports will be newly built and rebuilt in China in the next few years, and the approval of airlines will be increased. It is expected that 20 new airlines will be added. What a huge number! Civil aviation fever has become inevitable, and the rapid development of high-speed rail will also attract countless passengers. Etiquette training, service guidance, and hotel management have become industries that are in urgent need of high-end service personnel. Crew service (aviation services, flight attendants, high-speed rail crew, tourism services, hotel management, etc.) will become the most promising major.

7. It is inevitable to hold a certificate in the law industry

From the recruitment of national civil servants in recent years, it can be known that government departments still have a strong demand for law graduates.

In terms of absolute quantity, China has a large demand for talents in this major, especially those in foreign-related majors. Legislatures, administrative organs, judicial organs, and arbitration institutions recruit law students from fresh graduates every year, and enterprises are paying more and more attention to law professionals. China’s lawyer industry is in urgent need of supplementing a large number of high-quality lawyer talents. However, in recent years, law graduates have come under considerable pressure in terms of employment. First, the society’s academic requirements for law graduates are getting higher and higher; second, the number of graduates of this major has surged.

Therefore, the employment situation of law graduates in recent years is not optimistic, and this situation will continue for some time. Graduate students majoring in law will also begin to face certain employment pressure, and it has become a consensus to take the judicial examination to obtain a qualification certificate.

8. In recent years, the state has attached great importance to agriculture and has continuously increased investment. In addition, “good” news has also been coming from the policy side. The strategic adjustment of the industrial structure and people’s emphasis on the living environment have brought light to the development of agriculture and forestry majors. Therefore, although the overall employment situation of agriculture and forestry graduates is not as good as that of other majors, it can be seen that graduates of this major will become increasingly popular in the next few years.

Among various majors in agriculture and forestry, the social demand varies. It is very important to choose a major with promising development prospects. In the future, there will be more demand for agricultural economics, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, animal nutrition and feed processing, wood processing, furniture design and manufacturing, forest roads and bridges, gardens, forest products and chemicals and other majors.

In addition, agriculture and forestry graduates have another broad path to employment, that is, to start a business at the grassroots level in rural areas. To start a business at the grassroots level and actively start a business can also achieve self-worth, and it is more challenging and creative.

9. Frontier talents in the machinery industry are in short supply

Most graduates of machinery majors are still “hot-selling” in the talent market. The state has intensified efforts to strengthen the equipment manufacturing industry in recent years. In view of the importance of the machinery industry and the large-scale need for a large team of professional talents, there will still be a large demand for mechanical talents in the future. Numerical control talents with development capabilities will become the target of competition among enterprises, and mechanical design, manufacturing and processing professionals have also been in short supply in recent years.

From the current development of the machinery industry, the prospects for important products such as printing machinery, numerical control machine tools, power generation equipment, and construction machinery are still promising. In addition to these traditional industrial fields, the industry will further develop into the integration of machine and optoelectronics, and expand into emerging fields such as light processing and environmental protection.

10. The demand for economic industries remains unabated

Marketing jobs are the champions on the talent market demand list. From relevant statistics, it is speculated that the demand for sales talents will remain unabated in the next few years.

In the income survey, the overall salary level of the financial industry always ranks high among many industries, and the financial industry attracts talents with high salaries. This is related to the talent demand of the financial industry and its continuous adjustment and launch of value-added services. Some emerging financial service institutions have gradually become a major recipient of financial talents.

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