Weight management

What are the elements of good personal hygiene habits and eating hygiene habits?

First: Follow the habit of washing your hands before meals and after defecation, and master certain hand washing methods. Finger joints, back, fingernails, etc.

define neat and its relationship to weight management.

Second: The habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, especially at night, many people will ignore it, this is also very important. Tooth decay is easy to form, be sure to pay attention to ⚠️

Third: Change your underwear and take a shower frequently. It is inevitable that you will be contaminated with some bacteria when you work outside all day. When you get home, you must change your clothes first, wash your face, wash your hands and rinse your mouth.

Good eating habits:

First: chew slowly, which has a great effect on gastrointestinal digestion and absorption.

Second: put an end to overeating, especially dinner, and control it to 70% or 80% full.

Third: less oil, less salt, and less high-fat foods. This is the main reason why the symptoms of the three highs are getting younger and younger now. Be sure to pay attention ⚠️

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