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What are the correct three steps for simple and light makeup?

Step 1, base makeup: isolation pre-makeup milk, BB cream, concealer

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Base makeup is the most important makeup step, it determines whether your makeup is clean and delicate! If you want to make your makeup docile and not take off your makeup, the base makeup must be correct. The base makeup can be simply divided into three steps, isolation pre-makeup milk, BB cream, concealer.

Base makeup 1. Be sure to apply the pre-makeup milk first. The pre-makeup milk is also a kind of isolation. It not only protects the skin, but as long as you use it to play a layer of bottom, the pores will be invisible, and the skin will become smooth and delicate. Then apply BB cream will not get stuck in powder, and it can keep the base makeup until the evening without taking off makeup.

Base makeup 2. Then apply BB cream. Take a bean-sized amount of BB cream and spread it evenly on the whole face, then gently sweep it away with a makeup brush, or sponge and pat it vertically on the face to be very obedient.

Base makeup 3. The next step is concealer. If you have blemishes or dark circles under your eyes, you need to use concealer to cover it locally, so that the base makeup is clean and natural. Take out the concealer and point it on the blemish position, and then smudge it open with a small brush to easily cover the blemishes on your face!

Many concealers are relatively dry, especially when covering dark circles under the eyes, it is easy to get dry lines! I recommend this soft-colored concealer, which adds a lot of plant extracts, and it will be obedient when you wipe it, and you will not get dry lines. And the concealer power is very high, and the dark circles and acne marks can not leak traces.

The second step is to draw eyebrows

Light makeup can omit eyeshadow, but in order to improve the spirit and create a three-dimensional sense of facial features, it is indispensable to draw good eyebrows. First use an eyebrow trimmer to trim off the stray hair and trim your favorite eyebrow shape.

Then use an eyebrow pencil to outline the eyebrow shape first, and then fill it. When drawing eyebrows, keep this principle in mind: the eyebrows are naturally softer, the tail of the eyebrows is aggravated, and the upper part of the eyebrows is solid, so that the eyebrows drawn look good.

For women with thrush hands and handicaps, an easy eyebrow pencil is very important. This double-headed eyebrow pencil has a refill and a correction wipe at the other end, which is very convenient to combine. The automatic rotating refill is easy to color and not easy to fade. It is suitable for makeup novices.

Step 3, Lip Makeup

For lipstick, it can be said to be the finishing touch of makeup! After applying, it instantly enhances the complexion and makes you elegant and feminine. Lipstick with light makeup does not need to be very exaggerated. Simple orange-red or light red are very beautiful.

If you want to apply the lipstick delicately and beautifully, you should use a lip liner. Before applying the lipstick, you can choose a lip liner that is close to the lipstick and outline it on the outside. The lip peak position is darker, and the color on both sides is slightly lighter. When applying the lipstick, the whole lip will look more three-dimensional. After painting the lip line, you can apply the lipstick.

Step 4, Loose Powder Setting

If you want to keep the makeup in front of you all day, the setting powder cannot be less! Sweep a layer of loose powder, the skin will instantly become delicate and textured, and it can also control the oily gloss, and the makeup will last for a whole day. In addition, you can also sweep a little on the lips, and the lipstick will become matte texture, which is not easy to stick to the cup.

Regarding loose powder, this box of soft powder is extremely delicate. When pressed on the skin, the skin immediately becomes very textured. And the cheeks will not glow from morning to night, and the makeup will be docile all day.

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