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What are the connotations of a college student’s healthy personality?

It is generally believed that personality is a unity of various characteristics of a person with social significance and a combination of various characteristics. The essential characteristics of personality mainly include the following:

characteristics of a sound weight management plan

① Physical characteristics, such as height, weight, posture, senses, etc.;

② Psychological characteristics, such as intelligence, memory, perception, judgment, etc.;

③ Special abilities, such as music, art, social skills, etc.;

④ Experience, such as knowledge, interests, attitudes, etc.;

⑤ Temperament, that is, the expression of emotions, such as excitement or tranquility, pleasure or depression;

④ Will, that is, self-control of behavior, the power to overcome difficulties, if broken or hesitated

, etc.;

0006 Quality, that is Moral behavior, such as honesty or hypocrisy, justice or selfishness, etc.

Personality is an organic whole composed of these characteristics, and the essential characteristics of personality can be understood from two aspects.

1. Subjectivity of personality

The subjectivity of personality means that people, as the subject of social politics, economy, culture and the whole social life, participate in social practice activities with their subject consciousness in social life and play the role of their subject status. In addition, the harmonious unity between the self-validation of human needs, talents, qualities and values as individuals and the contribution to society; the maximum play of human creativity, cognition and initiative, and the simultaneous development and improvement of people and society in the interaction between personality and culture.

2. The overall harmony of personality

Harmony is a sign of the relatively stable state of personality. Overall harmony generally includes two levels: first, the harmony in the process of interaction between group and individual personality and society, history and culture; second, the harmony of the internal structure of individual personality. That is, the harmony of values, beliefs, behaviors, thinking, emotions and the improvement of individual regulation mechanisms. A certain culture and personality are corresponding, as Barno said: “When a society’s culture changes and a new system is developed, the society must adapt to the new situation. This adaptation may involve changes in personality, and changes in personality may lead to cultural changes again.”

At present, China’s social productive forces are not developed enough, and there is still a considerable gap between the personality state of young college students and the ideal personality. This is a problem of personality improvement and change.

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