Weight management

What are the components of human body weight?

Human body weight is mainly composed of three parts: muscle, bone and fat in the body. Generally, the muscle mass of an adult male accounts for about 30% -40% of the body weight, the fat content accounts for 10% -20% of the body weight, and the remaining is the weight of the bones; women will have less muscle than men due to body structure, and the corresponding fat content will be about 7% higher than men.

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Describe the content of physical health personal management?

Physical health personal management refers to individuals maintaining and improving their physical health through scientific and systematic health management methods. Specific content includes:

1. Health Information Collection: Conduct regular health check-ups to understand your physical condition, including indicators such as weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, etc.

2. Health threat and risk assessment: According to the collected health information, evaluate your own health risks, such as chronic disease risk, disease death risk, etc.

3. Health plan formulation: According to the health threat and risk assessment results, develop an individual’s health management plan, including improvement measures in diet, exercise, sleep, mental health, etc.

4. Health action implementation: According to the health plan, implement health actions, such as improving eating habits, increasing exercise, ensuring adequate sleep, etc.

5. Health Effect Evaluation: Regularly evaluate the effects of health actions, such as weight changes, blood pressure control, etc., in order to adjust health management plans in a timely manner.

6. Health Knowledge Learning: By reading books, attending lectures, etc., learn health knowledge and improve self-care awareness and ability.

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