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What are the Breath of the Wild amiibo props?

Hello, Breath of the Wild amiibo props are as follows:

blue wilderness weight management cat

1. Red Rose (Link (Breath of the Wild))

2. Blue Rose (Link (Breath of the Wild))

3. Golden Rose (Link (Breath of the Wild))

4. Horse (Link (Breath of the Wild))

5. Rocket (Link (Breath of the Wild))

6. Fish (Link (Breath of the Wild)

7. Cat (Link (Breath of the Wild))

8. Wolf (Link (Breath of the Wild))

9. Link (Link (Breath of the Wild))

10 with a mask. Azura (Link (Breath of the Wild))

11. Cass (Link (Breath of the Wild))

12. Duck (Link (Breath of the Wild))

13. Midas (Link (Breath of the Wild))

14. Zelda (Link (Breath of the Wild))

15. Link (Breath of the Wild))

16. Divine Beast (Link (Breath of the Wild))

17. Medusa (Link (Breath of the Wild))

18. Hurricane (Link (Breath of the Wild))

19. Link (Traditional Clothing) (Link (Breath of the Wild))

How to wear blue clothes Brawl Stars?

You can go to the browser that comes with your phone to search for it: Halo Assistant Click to download and install. Note that some will fail to install. After downloading and installing, open it and search for Brawl Stars -Bl, then load it into the game, take a name, open the store and click on the first Treasure box, all heroes, all skins, and open the second Treasure box, full of all stars, all wonderful tools.

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