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What are the big-name skin care products of Watsons?

There are many big-name skin care products of Watsons, including well-known brands such as L’Oreal, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Biotherm, Shiseido, etc. The product variety of these brands is also very rich, covering various skin care products such as lotion, face cream, essence, eye cream, mask, etc.

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Among them, Shiseido’s “SK-II” fairy water is a very popular star product, which has won many awards over the years; Lancome’s “Little Black Bottle” essence is also highly regarded. In addition, Watsons’ own “Dr. Wu”, SKINLITE and other independent brands are also of good quality and are deeply loved by consumers.

Which brands of skin care products do Watsons buy?

The brands of skin care products Watsons buys are:

Meijiajing brand, OLAY brand, hormone brand. Avon brand, German family brand, Pien Tsai Huang brand, Kobayashi pharmaceutical brand, Vaseline brand, Bedmar brand, etc.

What skin care products are better in Watsons?

Watsons inside Lanting snail stock solution cream skin care products are better. This is a cream that can moisturize the skin and repair the barrier. Contains safflower seeds and forsythia fruit extracts. These ingredients can form a protective water film. It can also lock in moisture while replenishing water. Moisturize the skin for a long time. Keep the skin hydrated and smooth.

The difference between Watsons pink store and other stores?

The main difference with other stores is that the price of Watsons pink store is low, as follows

The Watsons pink store has medium samples and samples of many brands for sale, as well as formal wear. The price of the store is low, the store is not too large, the products sold are cheaper, and the cost performance is very high.

The pink store is a store similar to Watsons, selling a variety of skin care products, cosmetics, 30 branches across the country, and there are small sample areas of big brands in the store for sale.

What is the difference between wowcolour and Watsons?

Wowcolour and Watsons are two different beauty collection store brands, and they have the following differences:

Positioning and products: Wowcolour is a new beauty collection store, established in 2020, mainly positioned as a one-stop beauty and personal care retailer, with more than 300 cooperative brands and more than 6,000 SKUs in the store. Watsons is a traditional beauty collection store, established in 1841, positioned as a health and beauty chain store, with more than 4,000 stores in mainland Chinese, covering more than 400 cities. This means that Wowcolour pays more attention to the aesthetic preferences of young consumers, while Watsons pays more attention to the health and beauty field.

Event Planning: Wowcolour pays more attention to interacting with consumers in event planning, and attracts consumers to generate UGC (User Generated Content) through high-value and high-communication activities. Watsons is relatively weak in this regard.

Store Image: Compared with Watsons, Wowcolour’s store image is closer to the aesthetic preferences of young consumers.

In conclusion, there are differences between Wowcolour and Watsons in terms of positioning, products, event planning and store image.

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