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What are the basic steps for you to draw light makeup?

How to draw a fake makeup?

skin care routine for lightskin males

Today, I will tell you about the basic steps and drawing methods of light makeup.

To ensure that beginners can also draw a natural, transparent, invisible, but can improve your appearance to a level of scheming light makeup.

First of all, painting a light makeup, simply speaking, requires five steps.

They are: pre-makeup moisturizing – flawless base makeup – natural eyebrows – eyeshadow – lipstick.

If you want to draw a scheming light makeup, there are some tips for each step.

Next, we will talk about it separately and carefully~

First, you must do a good job of moisturizing before makeup

The biggest feature of scheming naked makeup is to have a flawless and transparent base makeup.

To achieve this, moisturizing before makeup is a top priority.

If the pre-makeup moisturizing is not done well, the skin is dry, or even peeling, even if you use a moisturizing foundation, it will get stuck in powder and take off makeup.

So, if you want to create a scheming nude makeup today, be sure to choose a high-moisturizing serum and cream.

For example, Kiehl’s High Moisturizing Cream and Kerun Moisturizing and Nourishing Cream are all super moisturizing creams, and they are also the brands I use most often.

This cream like Kiehl’s is especially suitable for dry desert skin, especially in dry seasons such as spring and winter. After all, it is a special product for the national mountaineering team! The water-locking moisturizing effect is first-class. But the oily skin is a little oily to use.

And this cream from Japan Kerun is even more popular. Their full range of products are very popular and have been well received by major beauty bloggers and netizens. This cream is especially suitable for sensitive skin, because ceramide is added to it, which has the effect of stabilizing the skin. Super sensitive skin like mine has no tingling at all.

If your skin condition is very bad today, it is still dry after using the cream. The fastest way is to get a powerful moisturizing mask!

There are two types of first aid moisturizing masks that I use most often, one is Morita Hyaluronic Acid Mask, and the other is Korean Kelaisi Hydrating Mask. These two masks are almost the masks with zero bad reviews on the whole network.

Not only is the essence inside thick and has a strong hydrating effect, it is also particularly stable and has simple ingredients, which is most suitable for sensitive skin like me.

Moreover, the price is also very close to the people, with an average of 10 yuan a piece, and it is not distressing to use it no matter how.

However, pure oily skin like me will only use these two masks when there is a super lack of water. If you use it often, you will feel that the skin is too sticky and the burden is a bit heavy.

If your skin is still not in good condition after the mask cream, then I will teach you a trick! Kill! Technique!

Facial massage!

Never underestimate facial massage, it will make you look radiant right away! The effect is immediate!

The specific facial massage technique is also very simple, as shown in the following picture~

Step 1:2 minutes

Step 2:2 minutes

Step 3:2 minutes

Step 4:2 minutes

Step 5:2 minutes

In just ten minutes, the skin immediately becomes delicate and hydrated, feels very smooth, and the corners of the eyes will be lifted up, the effect is really super obvious, and the words “immediate effect” will not be exaggerated at all!

Trust me, it is easier to use than thousands of skin care products!

Note: The strength should be moderate, too light and ineffective. If you stay and press more on the facial acupoints, the effect will be better.

Second, create a flawless base makeup

After the skin is hydrated, it is time to apply a foundation.

First of all, have a bottle of liquid foundation that suits you very well.

In short, dry skin should choose a moisturizing foundation.

For example, the more expensive ones are Estee Lauder Qinshui foundation and makeupforever water powder cream. Both are more suitable for dry skin without too many flaws. The powder is light and thin, which can create a very transparent base makeup effect.

Affordable Yumiao Paris Foundation, Red Earth Herbal Essence Foundation, Shiseido Perfect Concept Powder Cream. The price of these foundations is very close to the people, all around 100 yuan, the texture is very moist, but a little thicker, more suitable for beautiful women with flawed dry skin, can create a creamy muscle makeup effect.

Especially the Japanese Red Earth Herbal Essence Foundation, recommended by Li Jiaqi, has been very popular recently, and the cream texture is very good. It can also be used for mixed dry skin and mixed oily skin.

As for oily beautiful women, it is more troublesome. Oily beautiful women usually have acne, so the facial blemishes are heavier, and it is difficult to create a base makeup without flawless nude makeup.

So, acne skin must learn to use concealer, cover the larger acne and acne marks, and then choose a foundation with better oil control ability, but more moisture.

My most used is NYX’s six-color concealer. This concealer is very easy to push away and is not easy to get stuck. It is very obedient to cover acne, as long as it is not too big or too deep, it can be covered.

You don’t see it’s colorful, but it’s very practical! The green in it is especially suitable for covering red acne.

Beautiful women who often have red acne must use this green concealer to cover it!

As for the foundation, I’m using the German catrice dropper foundation recently.

Unlike most matte oil control foundations, this foundation is particularly watery and has strong fluidity. It is most suitable for creating a light and thin base makeup effect. The disadvantage is that it cannot be applied thickly, because it will become matte in one second after being applied to the face, and the card pattern will appear when superimposed many times.

In addition, the makeup method should also adhere to the principle of a small amount and multiple times, and must not be too heavy. Cover with concealer if there are any flaws, and do not apply the foundation many times.

Only by adhering to this principle can a light base makeup be created!

PS: When oily beautiful women apply the base makeup, the beauty blender can retain more moisture, do not squeeze the beauty blender too dry, so that the base makeup effect is more clear and natural~

First apply the liquid foundation to the face with your fingers, and slowly faint the liquid foundation with the temperature of your hands. Remember, the amount must be small.

Then use a wet beauty blender to apply makeup. Use a light touch or flick, use the force of the wrist, the force should be moderate, and quickly push the liquid foundation away.

Only by mastering these points can you create a natural naked makeup effect.

3. How to draw natural eyebrows

Light makeup eyebrows are generally natural and misty.

Black European eyebrows are definitely not suitable.

Among the six basic eyebrows in the picture above, standard eyebrows and small eyebrows are the most suitable for light makeup.

Especially the standard eyebrow, suitable for any face shape, any temperament of beautiful women.

Moreover, the standard eyebrow drawing method is very simple, the specific operation steps are as follows.

Note that the tail of the eyebrow and the upper edge of the eyebrow are on the same horizontal line.

In addition, the handicapped party must choose a very, very slender eyebrow pencil, so as to draw distinct and natural eyebrows.

For example, the 1.5mm eyebrow pencil I am using now is really super thin, and the handicapped party like me can also be easily operated. I was also planted by other beauty bloggers at the time. Originally, I thought the quality of this ten-dollar eyebrow pencil would be very poor. As a result, I didn’t expect a special surprise. Now it has become one of my favorite eyebrow pencil.

Fourth, daily eye makeup

If you want to create a clever light makeup, the eyeshadow must not be too heavy.

So, the following eye makeup color schemes are available for you to choose from.

First of all, it is a special daily light golden brown eye makeup, as shown in the picture below.

The main color of this eye makeup is light earth color light gold eyeshadow.

The overall effect is natural and spiritual, especially suitable for office workers and students.

This eye makeup is drawn with the nine-color eyeshadow disc of money worship. I also recommend this eyeshadow disc to you here. It is really practical, the powder is also good, and the price is also very close to the people.

The second eye makeup is the dry rose makeup with rose bean paste as the main color!

This color eye makeup is very gentle, especially suitable for white-skinned girls.

After painting, you are the most gentle and fresh temperament beautiful woman.

This eye makeup is created with the seven-color eyeshadow disc of Orange Blossom.

The eyeshadow of Orange Blossom has always been my favorite. It is cheap and powdery, comparable to the American affordable makeup brand Carla Bubble. This rose disc is also very practical, and it also comes with highlights and blush.

The third eye makeup is the most fairy-like peach blossom makeup!

Peach blossom makeup is mainly pink, which is more suitable for beautiful women with cold white skin. You can also try yellow one white and yellow two white. As for beautiful women with yellow and black skin, forget it.

Peach blossom makeup is particularly sultry, but this “flirting” is elegant and obscure, and it is a scheming girl in light makeup!

This peach blossom makeup is made with a sweet scarab 16-color eyeshadow disc.

This eyeshadow disc is also very recommended, and the colors are very complete. Peach blossom makeup, maple leaf makeup, and bean paste makeup can all be painted, which is very changeable.

The powder is also good, and the price is close to the people.

The above three eye makeup are the most commonly used eye makeup color schemes for beautiful women with scheming light makeup. Remember to draw your own tomorrow!

Fifth, the choice of lipstick color

Since it is light makeup, then big red will definitely not work.

As soon as you apply this kind of Zhenggong red, you will be on the throne in minutes. Is there any wood? How can you set up a “pure” person?

So, there are the following 3 lipstick colors that are more suitable for scheming and light makeup.

1. Bean paste color

For example, this milk tea bean paste color from MAC is gentle and temperamental, and it is most suitable for matching with light makeup.

But it is only suitable for girls with white skin, and the lip color is too dark to show color at all.

2. Cinnamon

is different from bean paste color, cinnamon color is very suitable for black and yellow skin girls.

It is not as gorgeous as positive red, but it can also brighten the complexion, gentle and white.

Like this Estee Lauder 360, it is my bead of the sea!

3. Carrot color

The orange-toned carrot color is also very suitable for creating light makeup. This color is full of vitality and is most suitable for beautiful women full of girl vitality.

Like this Lancome new color 02rubyqueen, it looks very good, and Huang Yibai and Huang Erbai also look good when painted!

Okay, today’s experience sharing of creating light makeup is here~

Have you learned it?

For more beauty and fashion information, welcome to follow me – your most beautiful wardrobe.

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