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What activities should a nail salon engage in?

1. Nail art gift promotion is also known as in-kind promotion. Gifts are particular and should be set according to different consumers. Gifts such as small household display racks (put two or three cosmetics on them). Small nail art equipment, color clothes, travel sets. Nail files, women’s backpacks, silk scarves, exquisite small handicrafts. Cartoon toys, etc., red envelopes, gold necklaces, etc. can be sent at the end of the year. In the process of skin care, understand the needs of different guests and send suitable gifts. Such as silk scarves, let guests choose patterns. Color, umbrella in rainy season, etc.

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2. Nail Art Spokesperson Promotion Select one or two middle-aged women among consumers to show the excellent effect after skin care. Choose the one with a better image to be the image spokesperson of the nail salon like a hand model, or invite celebrities, celebrities to do endorsements, and cooperate with audio tapes and photos to promote.

3. Nail Art Lottery Promotion Conduct fun lottery promotions at the end of the event or at a specific time. And invite customers to exchange their experiences.

4. Ticket promotion Communicate with guests in an elegant and tasteful way such as giving away tickets and nail art books. It is a good form of event promotion.

5. Lottery insurance promotion uses the currently popular lottery forms such as welfare lottery, football lottery, sports lottery, etc., to let customers choose numbers, nail salon betting, and according to the customer’s consumption situation, buy insurance similar to auspicious cards for customers to achieve the purpose of promotion. Nail salon linkage promotion leverages its strength and collaborates with other nail salons or industries to do promotions to achieve win-win results. The principle of nail salon promotion: The formulation of the plan is to promote sales. Therefore, we must step by step when formulating the plan, so that customers can move forward step by step, so as to achieve our purpose of increasing sales. Promotion is to increase sales, not an excuse for price wars. Now many nail salons reduce prices to attract customers in order to win customers. In fact, this approach is very dangerous. It will not only affect competitors but also affect their own profits. What’s more, if it goes on in the long run, it will inevitably affect the atmosphere of the entire industry.

Essential supplies for Gannan tour in August?

1. Clothing suggestions:

– Tops: Long-sleeved T-shirts, thin long-sleeved shirts, thin coats, etc. can be prepared for wearing in the morning and evening when the temperature is low.

– Lower clothes: It is recommended to bring long pants and shorts to adapt to different temperatures.

– Coat: Prepare a light coat, such as a trench coat or a thin sweater, for easy response to changes in temperature. – Shoes: Comfortable walking shoes are more suitable for wearing, which is convenient for walking and visiting scenic spots.

2. Precautions: – Sun Protection: The sun is strong in Gannan area. Remember to bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, etc., to prevent sun exposure.

– Rain Gear: Summer is the rainy season in Gannan. It is recommended to bring a folding umbrella or poncho for emergencies.

– Mountain Walk: If you plan to go on a mountain walk or hike, it is recommended to wear suitable sports shoes, stockings, sweatpants, etc.

In conclusion, the temperature in Gannan in summer is suitable, but there are still temperature differences and rainfall, so it is recommended to wear clothing that is comfortable, sun-proof, and easy to add or remove clothing. In addition, adjust the dressing according to your own needs and activity arrangements to ensure the comfort and convenience of travel.

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