Weight management

weight is a countable noun?

weight can be a countable noun [C] and an uncountable noun [U] noun n.

u of u weight management

1. Weight, weight; weight [C] [U] Whatisyourweight? How much do you weigh?

2. Weight [C] 3. Weight; Town Stone; Wenzhen [C] 4. Weight Unit; (Drug) One Pound Weight [U] [C] 5. (Mental) Stress; Burden; Burden [C] [ ( on/off) ] That squiteaweightoffmymind. That really relieves me. 6. Value; Importance; Power; Influence [U] Ourboss’ sopinionsseemtocarryverylittleweightathome. Our boss’s opinions seem to have little authority at home. Mattersofgreatweightarehandledbythegeneralmanagerhimself. Major issues are handled by the general manager himself.

What is the difference between heathy and healthy?

Except for the difference in pronunciation, both parts of speech and usage are the same in terms of “healthy” meaning.

1, heathy [hi: theta]

adj. (adjective). Friends of health; healthy. In addition to heather, heather clumps… etc.


I wish you good health! Happy every day!


Responding to healthy living and greening the world at the same time.


I love to eat healthy food.

2. Healthy [hel theta i]

healthyadj. (adjective). Healthy, sound; beneficial to health.

The extended meaning is: prosperous, wise… etc.


You have healthy habits.


Maintain a healthy weight.


Stay healthy through a good diet and regular exercise.


Most of us need to lead a more balanced life in order to stay healthy and happy.

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