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Weighing in winter, how much clothes you wear will affect it?

Weighing in winter, the clothes you wear will have a little impact, and wearing less and measuring will be more accurate.

supercoat weight management

If you measure your weight at home, you can wear light pajamas to measure more accurately. If you measure it outdoors, you can subtract 2-1.5 kg of weight after measuring the weight, which will be closer to the actual weight.

What size cashmere coat do you wear for 50 kg?

Answer: What size cashmere coat do you wear for 50 kg? How big do you wear for 50 kg?

The cashmere coat depends on its height. If it is 1.55 meters, a woman with a height plus a weight of 50 kg can wear a cashmere coat of size 165X96. A dark camel cashmere coat with black elastic jeans is a more suitable choice. Women with 50 kilograms are thinner. When choosing a coat first, don’t be too big, and the shoulders must fit.

148cm 60kg How long is the coat?

148cm60kg coat?

It is recommended to choose a coat with a length of 75cm for a height of 148cm and a weight of 60kg. Among girls, it belongs to a shorter and fatter figure. Choose a coat with a length of 75cm that can be worn above the knee, so that the person’s height and leg length can be visually displayed. It also plays a role in keeping warm. 148cm60kg should wear a coat with a length of 75cm.

The coat is the best. What does size m mean?

means that the person wears a small size clothing. That is to say, it does not exceed one meter and fifty meters in size. The code order of clothing from short to long is: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL. The standard heights corresponding to each grade of clothes are 140, 150, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180 respectively… Of course, those who are not standard weight need to find a suitable corresponding standard in the chest size. The conditions given in the question indicate that the person is about 150 tall, so the coat is of size m.

m suitable height and weight coat?

This depends on whether you like slim or a little cute little meat Dudu type. If you want a slim type, wear size m to be more than 168 tall and within 102 weight. You can wear this height and weight casually. If you want to take pictures without dead ends, you have to lose weight to 98. Of course, it depends on the face shape, melon seed or duck egg face. 52 kilograms is no problem. If the square face cannot exceed 98, the upper narrow and lower wide face, no matter how thin you are, you will look fat. There is really no way.

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