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Weighing ceremony ufc What does it mean?

Weighing ceremony is an important part of UFC competition. Players need to go naked to ensure that they accurately determine their weight level.

weight management tiers

Each level of players has its own unique characteristics. For example, heavyweight players are powerful and can bring fierce attacks, while the lightest players may lack strength, but their speed and flexibility can be very good.

Players can also adjust their competition level through weight gain or loss. Weighing ceremony is not only about fair competition for players, but also reflects the professionalism and preparation attitude of players.

ufc Why weigh?

Before some UFC games, weighing is an interesting ritual. Players are all naked, just to accurately determine the weight level they are in. Each level of players has its own different characteristics. The heavyweights are known for their strength, and they can bring fierce attacks. Although the lightest weights are far behind other levels in power, their speed and flexibility advantages can be fully reflected. Players can also change their competition level according to weight gain or loss.

However, when players gain weight and enter a heavier level, their speed advantage will be weakened. On the contrary, if players lose weight and enter a lighter level, their strength will also be weakened. Under normal circumstances, the weight of the contestants before the competition will be 10-15 pounds (about 6-8 kg) overweight. At this time, the contestants will reduce the weight to the prescribed requirements before weighing through professional and hard training. At the same time, they must strictly follow the nutritional requirements of the diet until the start of the competition. However, since the contestants are the same weight during the competition, neither side will profit from the opponent’s weight loss before the competition. The team behind the fighter will also deliberately avoid confronting a certain fighter according to the actual situation of the opponent. So weight is also an important part of the boxer

heavy synonym?

Synonyms of heavy: reset, heavy water, heavy eaves, revisit, center of gravity, heavy, heavy yang, repeat, heavy, heavy eaves: The double eaves are those with two layers of eaves in traditional Han architecture. It is formed by overlapping the eaves under the basic roof. Its function is to expand the weight of the roof and the house, add the height and level of the roof, enhance the majesty and solemnity of the roof, and adjust the proportion of the roof and the house.

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