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Wayne Gretzky’s record?

Wayne Gretzky, a Canadian professional Ice Hockey star, “The Great Ice Hockey Player” with 2857 points, a global Ice Hockey legend. Signed to play in the professional league at the age of 14. Played for 20 seasons in the National Ice Hockey Association (NHL), and played for the Edmonton Refiners (Edmonton Oilers), Los Angeles Kings (Los Angeles Kings), St. Louis Blues (St. Louis Blues) and New York Rangers (New York Rangers). He has played for the New York Rangers (New York Rangers) and still holds the record for the highest goal scored by a professional Ice Hockey team in the United States. He retired in 1999. Former coach of the NHL Phoenix Flyers. Currently the managing shareholder and head coach of the Phoenix Coyotes.

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In 2004, he was selected by the TV audience as “Top 10 Outstanding Canadians” in the “Greatest Canadians” selection held by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

1977. The World Youth Ice Hockey Championship was held in Brantford. In front of his hometown parents, Gretzky performed well and was elected as the top scorer and the youngest top scorer at the World Championships.

Edmonton Oilers


In 1978, at the age of 17, Gretzky entered the professional ice hockey world. He joined the World Ice Hockey Association (WHA) Indianapolis Competitors. At the end of the season, Gretzky was sold to the WHA’s Edmonton Oilers. From then on, Gretzky and Edmonton were inextricably connected.

In 1979, WHA merged with the National Ice Hockey Association NHL, and Wayne became the youngest MVP of the merged NHL.

In 1980, Gretzky represented the Canadian ice hockey team in international competitions.

During his first eight years in the NHL, Gretzky ranked first in the league in scoring every year.

In the 1980s, as the captain of the Oilers, Gretzky led the team to four Stanley Cup championships in five years and won the Most Valuable Player title in four consecutive years from 1985 to 1988.

Los Angeles Kings


In the summer of 1988, Gretzky moved to the Los Angeles Kings.

On October 15, 1989, Gretzky scored his 1851st goal in his 780th career game, setting a new record in professional Ice Hockey history.

However, in Los Angeles, Gretzky’s life was not easy. Because the overall level of the Kings was not as good as that of the Oilers, Gretzky also failed to lead the Kings to the Stanley Cup.

St. Louis Blues


New York Rangers



Retired 1999

Created the Wayne Gretzky Foundation in 2002.

June 2008 Wayne Gretzky hosted the FordWayneGretzky Classic at GeorgianBay, north of Toronto.

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“The Great Ice Hockey Player” with 2857 points

At the age of 10, Gretzky had completed 378 goals and 120 assists in 85 games.

By the time he retired in 1999, Gretzky had 61 American Ice Hockey Professional League records, and his total points in his career reached an astonishing 2857 points.

Gretzky was a superstar on a superteam in the 1980s. He led the Edmonton Oilers to four Stanley Cups in five seasons and was twice named playoff MVP. Gretzky set a playoff scoring record in 1985 (47 points in 18 games) and set a playoff assist record in 1988 (31 assists in 19 games).


1. Gretzky scored 92 goals in a single season (1981-82 season)

2. 2857 career goals (excluding playoffs)

Personal life


Father Walter Gretzky is an amateur Ice Hockey player. From the moment his son learned to walk, he had a vague sense that his son had superhuman sports talent. Wayne Gretzky was taken to the skating rink by his father when he was three years old. In his father’s old video camera, every fall he made was recorded.

Mother Fils Gretzky died on December 19, 2005 due to ineffective treatment for lung cancer.

Less than three weeks after his mother’s death, another person closest to Wayne Gretzky in his life – grandmother Betty Hawking died of a heart attack in the hospital at the age of 84.

Gretzky, a legend of the National Ice Hockey League, suffered repeated misfortunes. Within three weeks, his mother and grandmother passed away.


Wife Janet Jones

Ice Hockey handsome Gretzky and beautiful Hollywood star Janet Jones fell in love at first sight and soon married. Their wedding was a Canadian version of the “Royal Wedding”.

Gretzky and Jones already have three children. And the three children don’t seem to have much interest in Ice Hockey. After marrying Gretzky, Jones’ acting career was basically over, and he occasionally made fitness videos.


In the 1978-1979 season, Wayne Gretzky scored 104 points and won the title of “Best Rookie”.

In the 1980s, Gretzky won the Hart Cup for the league’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) nine times, making him the most MVP-elected player in the four major professional leagues; during that time, he won the Ross Cup for the league’s scoring champion seven times. Among them, he won the MVP title for four consecutive years from 1985 to 1988.

He also won the Ross Cup three times in the 1990s.

Character Evaluation

In the world of sports, there are many stars who have set records, but in sports, wealth creation, and even behavioral norms, King Jordan is no better than Wayne Gretzky, a Canadian professional Ice Hockey star, who is known as the “Great Ice Hockey Player” and is known as the only “Great Emperor” in the Ice Hockey world.

In terms of appearance and demeanor, this resourceful center doesn’t look like a superstar. Gretzky is 1.80 meters tall and weighs 79.4 kilograms, but he looks more like a man of only 44. The five-kilo sick man, not the tough guy on the hockey rink. The seemingly malnourished Gretzky doesn’t have a talent for strength or speed, but he can turn the vicious big guys in the league around year after year. Gretzky can do this because he has an extraordinary ability to anticipate what’s going on on the field and accurately determine where the remaining 11 players on the field will be in the next few seconds.

“Sports reporters call this marginal vision,” Gretzky said in an interview with Playboy magazine. “I call it fear. Growing up, I was always a little guy. When I was 5 years old, I was playing with 11-year-olds who were taller, stronger, and faster than me, and I had to figure out a way to compete with them. At 14, I was playing against 20-year-olds; at 17, I was already playing against adults. My style of play has basically remained the same. I’m not as strong as others; I’m not sharp enough on goal; I’m not the fastest player in the league. I have to do most of the work with my eyes and my head. ”

Hall of Famer Bobby Orr, who played for the Boston Bruins, called Gretzky “far ahead of his time”. Gretzky himself said that he relies more on feeling than looking at the position of other players. He said: “I know where my teammates are going, and many times I turn around and pass the ball without looking.”

Success has never changed Gretzky’s character. He has always been a respectable person.

“Gretzky is a model athlete, but few athletes are like him.” The famous Canadian novelist Modi Kerichler wrote, “He was magnanimous, Apple-like, focused on his work, and a spiritual role model for young fans. He was mistakenly born in this era, an era of dating in a ballroom and asking directly’go to your place or mine ‘, of course most of the time going to a local hotel, and then breaking up in a corner restaurant.”

“The Great Man” Gretzky firmly believes that it is his duty not to refuse fans’ requests for autographs. He said: “For those adults or children who get autographs, this may be the most important experience of their lives.”

Gretzky is a player who can surprise fans, and his personal charm is even more outstanding.

In North America, Gretzky is considered a true gentleman in the sports world. Gretzky and Michael Jordan are very good friends. Although Gretzky is far inferior to Jordan in terms of money and popularity, he is obviously much more than Jordan in terms of “moral self-fulfillment”.

Gretzky has been in American and Canadian society for decades, and has never heard a story of romance or passion between Gretzky and any supermodel. Due to Gretzky’s gentleman’s demeanor and lack of femininity, he is particularly favored by women. There was a poll in Canada where about 15 million female fans thought they loved Gretzky more than anything else in the world. Despite everyone’s love, Gretzky only loved one woman, and that was his wife, Janet Jones.

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