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Warehouse outbound management skills and methods?

Warehouse management process of goods warehousing

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1. The warehouse prepares the finished product for receipt according to the content of the reviewed “Purchase Order”.

2. After the delivery from the qualified supplier arrives, the supplier provides the “Delivery List” to the receiving warehouse administrator. The “Delivery List” should clearly display the name of the delivery unit, the seal of the delivery unit or the signature of the handler, the name, specification, quantity, and purchase order number of the goods. The receiving warehouse administrator checks the “Delivery List” with the corresponding “Purchase Order”. Those who do not match will reject it. The warehouse manager shall take the “Delivery List” and “Purchase Order” as the criterion, and notify the quality department to send someone for on-site inspection. After passing the inspection, the delivery slip can be signed before warehousing. Note: When the goods are accepted and the receipt volume is greater than the order quantity, the warehouse supervisor must pass the global procurement consent and obtain the written notice of the relevant personnel of global procurement before the excess receipt.

3. After the warehouse manager receives the goods correctly, sign for it on the “Delivery List”, keep one for himself, and hand over the other.

4. After the products are warehoused, they are properly kept and placed according to the corresponding warehouses, so that the computer, account, item and card are consistent.

5. When the repaired goods are returned to the warehouse, the corresponding “Return and Repair Order” is used as the basis for receiving the goods. The warehouse manager verifies that the goods order is correct and puts it into the warehouse. When the production department rerepairs, it should open a pick-up sheet and take it out. After the repair, it should be opened into the warehouse and re-put into the warehouse. Check the logo when the warehouse receives the goods. If the logo is unclear or the content is incomplete, it can be rejected. Those who are unreasonable can draw prizes and punish the bill. ( Identification content: a customer b name c production batch number d drawing number e under this process f step g responsible person signature h quantity iQC signature)

warehouse management process of goods out of the warehouse

1, warehouse supervisor according to the production plan or sales department from the “sales order” to prepare goods, packaged finished products classified into the corresponding warehouse storage area.

2, delivery after the goods are counted correctly, participate in the loading, found in the loading process of defective products or scratches and bumps in loading and unloading should be reported to the warehouse supervisor in time, must ensure that the product is a qualified product before leaving the factory.

3. When the goods are delivered to the customer, the bad deliveryman is found to report it in time during the customer’s inspection, and the warehouse supervisor is responsible for recording it.

4. After the goods are delivered for acceptance without error, the triple delivery slip will be signed by the warehouse administrator of the other party, the red link will be given to the customer, and the other two will be brought back to the warehouse.

5. After the deliveryman returns to the factory, the delivery slip signed by the other party will be handed over to the warehouse supervisor, and the warehouse supervisor will be responsible for sorting and filing.

6. No matter what reason the customer warehouse refuses to accept it and needs to pull it back, first notify the warehouse supervisor by phone. After the warehouse supervisor reports it, the company will communicate with the customer before making a decision

Warehouse management process of product warehousing

1. Preparation before product warehousing

global procurement notifies the warehouse by email. The warehouse should understand and master the arrival time of the manufacturer and other relevant information, and arrange the receiving personnel and the place where the goods are placed in advance.

After the materials are received, notify the quality department in time to send people for on-site inspection, and the inspection can only be put into storage after passing the inspection.

2. Product warehousing arrangements

The warehouse administrator checks the number of goods in storage with the delivery list. All goods with damaged outer packaging must be opened for acceptance, and fragile goods should be inspected. Other goods can be sampled for inspection, and the warehouse administrator instructs and assists the porter to place the goods one by one according to the determined position.

The warehouse administrator timely updates the account after warehousing, so that the account, goods, cards and computer records are consistent.

3. Product outbound arrangements

The planning department or the sales department will contact the warehouse supervisor in writing (email is also acceptable) to receive information about the goods outbound, arrange for personnel to leave the warehouse, and prepare for the goods to leave the warehouse.

4. The products are shipped out of the warehouse

The warehouse manager checks the number of products one by one according to the delivery slip and other relevant documents, and waits for loading, and assists in arranging the handling workers to arrange the products separately according to the delivery slip.

The products listed on the delivery slip are verified and loaded. When loading, they are counted on site with the delivery staff. After checking that there is no problem, they will be delivered.

The exit slip shall be filled out by the delivery person, reviewed by the warehouse supervisor, and then approved by the workshop director and above.

5. Warehouse accounting

After the goods enter and exit the warehouse, the warehouse manager must immediately record the accounts and do the accounts (the steel plate warehouse has not done it for the time being, if so, please ask the financial staff to train it), items, cards, and computer records are consistent.

6. All documents for entering and leaving the warehouse must be signed by the relevant responsible person. The documents without the responsible person are invalid

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