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Use water milk first or use a cleaning mud mask first?

For cleaning masks, you can use water milk first

clean skin care routine different

When using a cleaning mask, in order to avoid dry skin, you can wipe water milk first. Commonly used cleaning masks include pearl powder masks, white mud masks, mung bean mud masks, etc. Considering the effect of cleaning pores, the skin will become a little dry during use. In order to reduce the dryness of the skin, you can wipe a little water milk before applying the mask. It should be noted that only a little water milk is needed, because after applying the mask, you need to apply water milk again.

Xiufu skin care sequence?

1. It is cleansing first, then toner, followed by essence, then cream, and finally sunscreen. 2. The reason for this order is that cleansing can remove dirt and oil from the face and provide a cleansing basis for subsequent skin care steps; toner can balance the water and oil balance of the skin and provide a good environment for subsequent absorption; essence can provide the nutrients and repairs the skin needs to help improve skin problems; cream can lock in the nutrients and moisture of the previous steps, while providing moisturization and nourishment; sunscreen can block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin and protect the skin from the effects of photoaging and pigmentation. 3. In addition, if you need to use other skin care products, such as eye cream, mask, etc., you can use it between serum and cream. The extension of the skin care sequence also includes the correct use method and massage technique for each step, as well as adjusting and customizing the skin care routine according to individual skin conditions and needs.

How long is the interval between rubbing different skin care products?

Toner is one of the lotions. It is generally used to soften the exfoliation and replenish moisture. It also has the effect of secondary cleansing after washing the face. If you apply toner, I personally think it is best to use both hands. Pour the toner into the palm of your hand, pat it on your face, use the temperature of your palm, and press to help the skin absorb. At this time, you can use the lotion immediately.

Correct skin care sequence (I read it from a magazine before): After washing your face, pat the toner immediately. Pat the toner within 2 minutes after washing your face, which can instantly increase the moisture content in the skin. So: If you want your skin to retain moisture, it is best to put lotion and moisturizing lotion in the bathroom. After washing your face, apply it to your face by hand. Don’t wait for the moisture on your face to dry before applying, the effect of skin care will be greatly reduced. Moreover, the toner and lotion must be used together. Because even the toner with good moisturizing effect will quickly evaporate when rubbed on your face. Only by using lotion on top of the toner can the water be sealed in the skin.

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