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ufc Sterling Height and weight?

Height 170cm, weight 162 pounds

university of maryland weight management center

Aljamain. Sterling (Aljamain Sterling), born in New York, USA in 1991, is 31 years old this year, with a height of 170cm and an arm span of 180cm. He is a wrestler and specializes in falling soft ground fighting techniques. Sterling started his MMA mixed martial arts career in 2011, and won the CFFC broodweight championship that year, and has defended the title three times in a row. He is also a genius.

Which continent in the United States is Phelps from?

Michael Phelps: Height: 185M Weight: 79KG Place of birth: Baltimore, Maryland Place of training: Ann Arbor, Michigan Date of birth: June 30, 1985 (Cancer) Club: WolverineClub

Francis Height?

Basic information

Foreign name StevenDShawn “Steve” Francis Alias Fu Boss TheFranchise (privilege)

Date of birth February 21, 1977 Nationality United States Gender Male Height 1. 90 meters Weight 88 kg/195 lbs Birthplace Tacoma Park, Maryland, USA Chinese name Steven Deshaun “Steve” Francis

Career Information

Sports Sports teams Retired On-court position Point guard Sports status Retired

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