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Treatment methods for cat hepatitis?

Hepatitis generally has drug treatment methods, etc. Cats are the same as people. They are sick and uncomfortable, and they may feel abdominal pain when touched, so they should not be hugged. It is recommended to take them to a regular animal hospital for liver function tests, etc., and then use interferon and other drugs for cats under the guidance of a doctor. Usually, give cats a good sleeping environment, let them rest more, eat a light diet, and supplement their nutrition in a timely manner.

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Extended Information:

There is a golden 14 days for cat hepatitis. When the owner finds that the cat is anorexic and mentally depressed, the first 14 days are treated in the following ways, and the treatment rate is 100%. The treatment is started in 21 days, and the treatment rate is 50%. The treatment is 10% after 28 days.

1. Oral administration of Dannox, a special drug for liver disease and hepatitis in American cats, twice a day for the first 5 days, 1 capsule each time, and then changed to 1 capsule a day, and taken on an empty stomach. The drug can help cats repair damaged liver cells, eliminate ascites, restore normal bile function, reduce jaundice, and promote cats to eat actively. Generally, after 5 days, the cat has significantly improved, can eat actively, and recover mentally. After taking 1 box in a row, the cat is basically cured.

2. Hills L/D cat can be canned with prescription, at least half a day. The owner can dilute the L/D can with water, fill it with a syringe, and eat less and more meals. When the cat regains its appetite and can eat dry food, it can feed Hills L/D dry food. If the owner can’t buy L/D for a while, A/D can be used instead. The recipe of hepatitis cat homemade food is as follows: chicken liver, cooked rice, and eggs are mixed and boiled. Chicken liver is a good nutrient for hepatitis cats.

3. If the feed is mainly supplemented with other nutrients, you can choose taurine, vitamin B, Fulai blood, etc., or take some glucose water orally in moderation. Remember to take appropriate amounts and do not abuse them. Other drugs and nutrients are useless in principle.

What cat jar is better as a staple food?

Cat feast staple food jar

Cat feast is also very good in quality control. Not only does the details page disclose the source of raw materials, but also discloses the test report of each batch of products. It can be said that it is very transparent. The small silver jar uses a raw bone and meat formula, which is 95% content, rich in vitamins and minerals, plus 0 glue, 0 food inducers, 0 preservatives, and 0 grains, this string of data is very good. The quality of the ingredients has not fallen, the meat is not only fresh, but also high-quality meat of human food grade, and the proportions are open and transparent, so the shit shoveling officers can rest assured. The main ingredient is meat, which greatly reduces the possibility of cat allergies. The palatability is also worth praising. The most picky cats in my family love to eat it, and it can replenish water compared to dry food.

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