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TaureanPrince [1]

Foreign name

TaureanPrince [1]


United States [1]


Male [1]

Place of birth

San Marcos, Texas [2]

Date of birth

March 22, 1994 [1]


198cm [1]



99kg [1]

Career Information

Jersey Number

No. 2 (Nets) No. 12 (Eagles, Cavaliers, Timberwolves) No. 21 (Baylor University) No. 35 (Baylor University) [2] [3]

Position on the Court

Small Forward/Power Forward [2]


Basketball [2]

Current Club

Timberwolves [1]

Former Club

Eagles, Nets, Cavaliers [1]

Honors and Awards

Top 10 Mixed Martial Arts Events?

MMAFighting today selected the top ten classic MMA events of the last ten years, let’s enter the memory together.

1. Robbie Lawler vs Rory MacDonald (Rory MacDonald) second game

If Lawler had some luck in the game that defeated MacDonald in 2013, then the game that took place in UFC 189 in 2015 allowed Lawler to truly demonstrate his terrifying striking ability. The 21-minute showdown was perhaps the bloodiest welterweight title fight in UFC history. Lawler’s lips were punched by Donald, and the huge bright red crack was clearly visible. And Donald was directly broken by Lawler 1 minute after the start of the fifth round, completely losing the ability to continue the game. After watching this game, many people directly said “This is the best game of the year in 2015!”

In fact, this game is the best game of the last ten years.

2. Kelvin Gastelum vs Israel Adesanya

A classic match that took place on UFC 236. In the first round, Kelvin was slightly windy. Not only did he have more effective hits to hit Adesanya, but he also nearly knocked out his opponent in the middle of the round. In the second round, the two sides continued to stand and fight. In about 3 minutes, Adesaya knocked down Kelvin with a heavy right hand punch, and the latter immediately stepped forward to hug the opponent to prevent the opponent from further pursuit. In the third round, the two sides were still interacting in the standing confrontation, and the scene was very close. In the fourth round, Kelvin began to gain the upper hand again. Although the two sides were very close in hitting numbers, Addisaya’s broken face made him look slightly inferior. The last round was still crazy. After a round of fist fighting, Addisaya took the opportunity to use the guillotine against Kelvin, but was dragged to the ground by his opponent.

After five rounds of fierce fighting, Addisaya won by unanimous judgment of 48-46, 48-46, 48-46 points, and became the UFC middleweight temporary champion.

3. Jon Jones (JonJones) VS Alexander Gustafsson (Alexander Gustafsson) first battle

as the UFC 165 headline main match, after Jones has defended the light heavyweight gold belt 5 times. After the opening, Jones entered the state first, and the attack was more dominant, while Gustafsson seemed to be a little nervous and entered the state slowly, but the subsequent heavy punch made Jones “hang”, and the subsequent throw made Jones encounter the first TD. After the opening of the second round, Gustafsson was more imposing, and the heavy punch almost staged a KO. In the third round, Jones began to counterattack and found many opportunities to attack the opponent, but Gustafsson seemed more composed and experienced, which did not give Jones a better chance to move. Before the end of the fourth round, Jones found an excellent opportunity, and even almost staged a good KO show. Fortunately, the game ended, and Gustafson escaped. Entering the decisive round, the two had a significant decline in physical strength, and finally relied on the referee to decide the winner. Jones narrowly defeated Gustafson and successfully defended his title.

4. Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley

This took place on April 9, 2011 in the StrikeForce headline main match, which made “marijuana” Nick Diaz a god. The two UFC deserters were hailed as the hottest and most exciting welterweight match in history in the StirkeForce match.

At that time, Nick Diaz, as the second-time champion of StrikeForce, was severely challenged. Paul Daley, who was known as the strongest welterweight standing, wanted to compete with him.

On the field, Nick Diaz used his perpetual motion machine-like continuous output ability and monster-like resistance to fight. In one round, he and Paul Daley exchanged explosions twice, until Daley was severely injured in the ribs sprained in the knee, and finally ended the game with a wave of ground punches.

5. Justin Gaethje vs Michael Johnson

In the history of the UFC, no fighter has lived up to the expectations of the audience with his debut like Justin Gaethje in July 2017.

Anyone who has watched Gaserky play in the WSOF knows what to expect from this game. Gaserky, who uses the term “slaughter” to describe his style of play, never disappoints. It’s a crazy game, and at least 3 or 4 heavy hits in less than two rounds will surprise you that your opponent still hasn’t fallen to the ground. Both gave up traditional defense in the hope of ending their opponents in a life-threatening blow. In the end, Gaserky ended Johnson with a series of blows and knee blows before the end of the second round, leaving his star cage debut like a nuclear bomb in the hearts of boxing fans, and he promised everyone that this level of competition will be staged again.

6. Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit

This is another classic duel that Robbie Lawler dedicated in UFC 195 in January 2015 after the second peak of his career since returning to the UFC in 2013. Condit became his partner in this performance, and the five-round welterweight title fight between the two made boxing fans exclaim all the way from beginning to end.

The two strike masters confronted each other with various punches and elbows. Lawler knocked Condit down with a heavy punch in the second round, but failed to kill his opponent in pursuit. Condit, on the other hand, gave Lawler a fatal continuous blow in the final stage of the fourth round, but Lawler still stubbornly escaped the disaster. In the last round, the two sides had given up their defense and attacked with all their strength, and the scene was extremely hot. In the end, after five rounds, Lawler won the welterweight title battle with a difficult decision and successfully defended the 170-pound title for the second time.

7. Mauricio Rua vs Dan Henderson

This game became the first best game to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. It was a masterpiece of “right-handed heavy artillery” Dan Henderson and “General” Mauricio Rua.

After the first round began, Hua took the lead in looking for ground attack opportunities, but was captured by Dan and almost staged a guillotine. The continuous attack made Hua bleed from the corner of his eye. In the second round, both of them were looking for opportunities in the standing, Henderson found a combo opportunity in the stalemate, and Hua’s excellent defense did not give Dan too many opportunities. In the second half of the entanglement, Dan seemed to have a problem with his physical strength.

At the beginning of the third round, the two of them began to attack gradually. Dan seized the opportunity to put Hua on the ground and attacked continuously with ground punches. Hua, who was in the lower position, had a very strong resistance and fighting ability. Although his face was full of blood, he seized the opportunity to lock Dan. In the fourth round, the two of them started to attack on the ground and looked for opportunities to surrender to each other. Due to the serious physical exhaustion, Dan obviously had a hard time attacking.

At the beginning of the tiebreaker, Hua got the upper ground opportunity and hit continuously. Fortunately, Dan used his experience to find a counterattack opportunity to lock Hua, but he was seriously overdrawn and failed to get the guillotine opportunity. Hua, who maintained the upper position, continued to look for KO opportunities, and Dan used his experience to persevere until the end of the game. The two could only rely on the referee to decide the winner. In the end, 41-year-old veteran Dan Henderson was ruled the winner.

8. Eddie Alvarez vs Michael Chandler

The first time Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler met was in November 2011, when the two were neck and neck in the first three rounds, but in the fourth round Chandler took the opportunity to surrender and win. This game is also one of the most exciting games in Bellator history.

9. Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz

Connor suffered his first loss in the octagonal cage in UFC 196. This was a highly anticipated match, and the performance of the two was worthy of the audience’s expectations. In the first round, Connor took the initiative completely, hitting Diaz in a row while standing, and several heavy punches also made Diaz break his face. When everyone was waiting for Connor’s KO opponent to appear, the situation changed. In the second round, Diaz hit Connor in the counterattack, and then Diaz seized the opportunity to successfully control the opponent and finally subdue.

10. Mark Hunt vs Antonio Silva

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like for the two heaviest players in the UFC to play for 25 minutes, but the match between the two veterans is not only considered to be the most exciting match to date in Australia, but also considered the most classic heavyweight duel in UFC history.

Both of them hit each other’s jaws multiple times during the game, but neither could stop their opponents. The 25-minute battle explained to the world what it means to “leave everything in the octagonal cage”, and the final draw was the only result that was fair to both.

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