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Top 10 residential areas in Asia?

NO. 1 Antilla Property: Private Residence

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Antilla is a 173-meter-high skyscraper mansion built by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai, the economic center of India. Mukesh Ambani is ranked 13th in the 2019 Forbes list with a net worth of 50 billion US dollars. He is the richest man in India and the richest man in Asia.

NO. 2 Mount Nicholson The MountNicholson project is located at No. 8 Nie Gexin Mountain Road. It is jointly presented by Nan Fung Group and Wheelock Property. It has a total area of about 324,862 square feet and was completed in 2015. The project has a total of 17 bungalows, each equipped with heated and cold pools, elevators, etc. The superior location, unique design and high privacy have won the hearts of everyone.

NO. 3 Shenzhen Bay No. 1

is one of the three major luxury houses in China. It is developed by Pengrui Group and is located in the core area of Shenzhen Bay. It covers an area of about 46,000 square meters and has a construction area of 720 square meters. The price is 1. 400 million yuan. It is a landmark building complex in Shenzhen.

NO. 4 Tomson Yipin

Tomson Yipin is located on the first-line riverfront of the Lujiazui plate in Pudong, Shanghai, facing the Bund building complex. Since obtaining the first pre-sale license in 2005, it has its own traffic and sits firmly on the ceiling of Shanghai luxury houses.

NO. 5ToranomonHills Luxury Apartment

ToranomonHills is a landmark building in Tokyo, developed and built by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Mori Building Company. The mascot is set to shuttle from 100 years later to the modern cat-type business robot – Doraemon.

NO. 6 Sunac Meijiang One Courtyard

Sunac China’s spire TOP Department “One Courtyard” is the first work in Tianjin, and it is located in the core area of the Meijiang plate, the earliest high net worth living area in Tianjin.

NO. 33 Nathan Road

Nathan Road is one of the most popular prime locations in Singapore for foreign buyers, adjacent to the bustling District 9 Orchard Road and close to the World Heritage Site Singapore Botanic Gardens.

NO. 8 View of Qiantang City

View of Qiantang City stands proudly in the “first row” of the Hangzhou era. The Olympic Sports on the bank of Qiantang is gilded for one mile, and it is sitting on the first-line river view resources that cannot be reproduced. The Range Rover 270 ° river view giant screen; 5 sailing landmark buildings of about 100-120 meters stand in the C position of the “center” of Hangzhou, and echo the main stadium of the Olympic Sports Expo City, “Lotus Bowl”, “Olympic Sports Seven Stars”, and “The Sun and the Moon are in the same glory”. It has become the main building of the Hangzhou 2022 Olympic Sports Landmark!

NO. 9 Waterfront Estate

Located on three-quarters of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Waterfront Estate offers more than 30,000 square meters of gorgeous living space, with a total of 64 rooms. The decoration is splendid, with crystal chandeliers. There is also a rare nearly 200-foot-long marina.

NO. 10One100Palm

The three-story modern villa of ONE100Palm is different from the traditional and classical grandiose style of Dubai. It is a typical example of the expensive and exquisite luxury houses in Dubai today. It took more than six years to build.

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