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Top 10 must-buy list for travel in Italy?

Fendi Fendi bags

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Italy’s famous luxury brand, the earliest leather brand, has gradually expanded from the original handbag to high-end fashion and perfume. When you go to Italy, you have to buy its own handbag.


ARMANI JEANS, which enjoys a world-renowned Armani is an Italian brand. It is popular all over the world for men’s clothing, ties, glasses and perfume. How can Armani be spared from going to Italy?

3. Gucci Gucci handbags

The business elite is full of Gucci, elegant and fashionable, with simple but rich flavor in design. Of course, you should buy Gucci perfume when you go to Italy.

4. Bvlgari Necklace

Every woman needs jewelry accessories. The third largest jewelry brand in the world, a famous luxury brand in Italy, is growing all over the world. This necklace is so beautiful, she wants to have it.

5. Casino Casino leather boots

Italian handmade leather shoe brand is of high quality and has a long history. This is a noble choice and worth buying. Buy it for your boyfriend and build a couple.

6. PRADA Prada bag

As long as there is Prada on the side, I will call myself the queen. Brands with a long history in Italy include handbags, suitcases and accessories. This is a fashion boutique.

7. MIUMIU Miu Miu Coat

The little cute brand of the PRADA family, the style of the little girl is elegant and exquisite, a luxury brand suitable for young girls, very high-end and beautiful.


There is a saying for bags made of traditional Italian leather: “When you don’t know what to use to express your fashion attitude, you can choose LV, but when you no longer need what to express your fashion attitude, you can choose BV.”

9. DG Clothing

DG full of Italian flavor gives the most direct visual impact. Jeans and leather jackets are the main products of DG, known as the best leopard print.


Very famous Italian shoe brand, high heels and flat heels are beautiful, classic styles will never go out of style. Wearing high heels, the world is at my feet.

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