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Top 10 men’s high-end skin care products, the world’s top men’s skin care brand ranking?

The world’s top 10 men’s skin care products are Biotherm, Clarins, Lancome, Opal JS, Clinique, Adidas Addidas, BODYSHOP, Aramis, Jasper Gatsby, Gough gf.

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1. Adidas Addidas

After Coty introduced its Adidas men’s sports care series to the Chinese market, Adidas became synonymous with men’s sports fragrances, skin care lotions and body washes for a long time. Fragrances also launched facelotion, as well as cleansing milk and shavelotion.

2. Anita Roddick, the founder of the BODYSHOP “BodyShop brand, has a good wife and mother. Since opening the first bodyshop in the UK in 1976, it has established 1900 stores in 50 markets around the world. In 1999, bodyshop was rated as the second most trusted brand by the British Consumer Association. 1997.

3. Aramis

not only has a fragrance series rich in male characteristics, but also a full range of men’s skin care series. The launch of Aramis in China has brought good news to men who have begun to pay attention to their” face “. The launch of the Aramis Men’s Lab series provides another brand choice to meet men’s” good face “.

4. Gatsby

This is a male skin care brand from Japan, targeting young consumers aged 20 ± 5. This brand has a history of 26 years in Japan. Sales once reached 10 billion yen, with a total number of 200 million units. It is the best-selling men’s skin care brand in Japan. Gatsby has established sales markets in ten Asian countries and is very popular in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and other places.

5, Gauf gf

“Gauf, as the only male cosmetics brand in Shanghai Jahwa and the first male cosmetics brand in China, has been listed as early as 1992. At present, after being repackaged and positioned, it has appeared in the Chinese market with a new attitude in October 2003. Gough men’s personal care products are always conveying a fashionable message about life, galloping over men’s living space and improving men’s quality of life.

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