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To clear the acne first or apply the cleaning mud film first?

To clear the acne first and then apply the cleaning mud film. The reasons are as follows:

how to do your skin care routine in order

To clean up acne: Acne clearing is an important step in skin care, especially for acne muscles. By cleaning up acne, you can remove oil, bacteria and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, reduce pore blockage and reduce the risk of acne deterioration.

Cleaning mud film: Cleaning mud film is mainly used to absorb dirt in the deep layers of the skin, remove aging keratin and clean pores. Using a cleaning mud film after clearing acne can help to further clean up pores, remove residual oil and dirt, and make the skin more refreshing.

Skin care sequence: Acne clearing and applying a cleaning mud film are both skin care processes, but in the order of use, acne clearing should be carried out first, and then the cleaning mud film should be applied. This can ensure that the acne clearing effect is not affected, and at the same time, the cleaning mud film can play a better role.

Avoid infection: The process of acne clearing may involve breaking the skin. If the cleaning mud film is applied directly in this case, it may lead to infection. Therefore, using a cleaning mud film after clearing acne can reduce the risk of infection.

Original mud repair usage sequence?

Wash your face quickly first, then pat the toner, then apply the skin care mud evenly on your face, wait fifteen minutes to wash off, and then follow the usual skin care steps.

How to wash your face with mud film?

The mud film can deeply clean the skin and absorb oil and impurities, making the skin clean and refreshing. The following are the general steps to wash your face with mud film:

1. Preparation: Wash your face with warm water to thoroughly clean the dirt and cosmetic residues on your face. After confirming that your skin is dry, start using the mud film.

2. Apply the mud film evenly: Apply an appropriate amount of mud film evenly to the face with a brush or finger. Avoid the mud film from coming into contact with the eyes and lips. According to the product instructions, you can massage the skin of the face to promote blood circulation and adsorption effect.

3. Wait: According to the product instructions, after applying the mud film to the face, wait for a period of time, usually 15-20 minutes. During the waiting time, you can relax and wait quietly for the mud film to dry.

4. Wash: After the mud film is completely dry, wash it with warm water. You can use warm water to wet the mud film, and then gently massage the face to help the mud film be washed more easily. Then rinse it thoroughly with warm water to ensure that the mud film is completely washed without leaving any residue.

5. Skin care: After washing, gently pat the face dry with cotton or a towel, and then use a lotion and lotion suitable for your skin type for subsequent skin care procedures.

It should be noted that everyone’s skin condition and sensitivity are different, and the reaction to mud film will also vary. It is recommended to choose a mud film suitable for your own skin type, and follow the product instructions and the characteristics of your personal skin to choose the appropriate time and frequency of use. If discomfort or allergies occur during use, please stop using it immediately and consult a doctor or skin specialist for advice.

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