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Thompson’s height and arm span?

Kelly Olynyk was born on April 19, 1991 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a Canadian professional basketball player who plays as a center/forward [81] and plays for the NBA Utah Jazz. [74] [80]

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Kelly Olinyk entered the NBA through a draft in 2013 and has played for the Celtics, Heat, Rockets, Pistons and Jazz. He was selected to the All-Rookie Second Team in his rookie season.

Klay Thompson’s arm span: 2.06 meters. Klay Thompson, who is 1.98 meters tall with bare feet, has an arm span of 2.06 meters. Although he cannot compare with those “monsters” with a height difference of more than ten centimeters, he is also good enough to be called excellent.

Klay Thompson and Curry are known as the “Splash Brothers”. He is not only very accurate in three-pointers, but also a player who can defend four positions on the field. His body is very strong and he can move quickly, which allows him to be very limited when facing most opponents. And his accurate three-pointers and super defensive ability have a lot to do with his arm span.

What exactly does a pharmacist do?

I really don’t know anything about the situation in China. Therefore, I can only answer the first half of this question, and it is the situation in Canada… In fact, even in Canada, there is a large degree of public ignorance about the specific work of pharmacists. Even some doctors are not very clear about what we can do. I will not look for statistics. Let’s talk about the specifics. First of all, pharmacists are an ancient profession. Of course, at the beginning, they sold medicine. In the past, many medicines needed to be prepared, not produced by pharmaceutical factories, so pharmacists were also responsible for dispensing medicines. With the development of the industry, pharmacists also have their own expertise, and their knowledge of medicine and first-hand contact with patients is their advantage, and they also form their own management organization and professional ethics system. When a doctor prescribes medicine, the pharmacist is responsible for ensuring that the patient gets the medicine and knows how to take it, and because of the knowledge of the usage of the medicine, the pharmacist is the “last line of defense”. If the doctor prescribes the wrong medicine, the pharmacist will often find it and solve it before giving the medicine to the patient, thus avoiding many medical accidents. Pharmacists should be experts in medicine. Don’t look at the doctor who is responsible for prescribing medicine. In fact, their pharmacology is only a course… and we have studied it for four years… Now pharmacists are not satisfied with just “selling medicine”, they recognize themselves as professional medical personnel and an indispensable part of the medical system. Pharmacists in North America have become a diverse profession, and after getting a license, there are many options, many of which are far from the most basic function of getting medicine. Option 1: Go to an independent pharmacy. These pharmacists still need to sell medicine. However, most of the work of the pills has been released, and they are responsible for checking if there is any error. Most of their job is to check the doctor’s prescription for any problems, check the patient’s medication for any conflicts, make sure the patient knows how to take the medicine, answer questions about the medicine from the patient or the doctor, etc. In some provinces, pharmacists can also give flu shots, help patients quit smoking, and extend certain prescriptions (these are all required by law. You can’t do it if you want, and some need relevant education). Pharmacies must have pharmacists to open, and at least half of the shares/investment must come from pharmacists. This business has a historical legacy problem that financial interests and patient interests sometimes conflict, and pharmacists must be morally inclined to protect the interests of patients first. In reality, not everyone is so self-serving and self-serving. However, most pharmacists are still very professional. Option 2: Go to the hospital. The hospital pharmacist needs to manage the hospital pharmacy. Make sure that the medication is reasonable and do not prescribe expensive medicines indiscriminately (because, uh, the hospital pays for the medicine, the patient does not pay, and the hospital money is given by the government, so the government does not want you to prescribe indiscriminately). Make sure that the doctor does not prescribe the wrong medicine, and the dose of the medicine is appropriate. If there is any doubt, ask the doctor. In some hospitals, the pharmacist can prescribe some medicines, mainly those that need to be calculated according to the weight and kidney function of the dose, or need to be monitored and adjusted every day. This is the clinical pharmacist, who is more involved in the clinical treatment and has a responsible ward and bed. It also answers the questions of doctors and patients about the medicine. The pharmacy in the hospital may also be responsible for making some medicines that need to be temporarily dispensed. Generally speaking, clinical pharmacists need more training and experience. Option three, go to the front-line clinic. Mainly work with family doctors. This kind of work does not take or sell medicines at all. Purely consulting. The basic function is to review the patient’s medicine and medication history to ensure that there are no problems. Participate in the education of patients, popularize drug knowledge, etc. Option four, go to the pharmaceutical factory. In the pharmaceutical factory, the pharmacist is responsible for answering customers’ questions about the medicine (which can be a patient or a doctor), responsible for quality inspection, submitting reports to the government, and some are pharmaceutical representatives (but less often). This job also doesn’t take medicine… and doesn’t have direct contact with patients, so in fact, you can only do it part-time, otherwise your license will not be kept (requires direct contact with patients, how many hours a year). And to be honest, there is a bit of a conflict of interest, at least if you are a medical representative. Option 5, Others, such as the police station, are responsible for testing the blood alcohol or drug content, so as to help the police charge prisoners; or go to the army, the army also needs pharmacists to get medicine (you can be sent to Afghanistan); or go to the insurance company (more like this in the United States), help the insurance company check whether the medicine prescribed by the doctor is necessary, etc.

Pharmacists have always been the most trusted profession by the public in North America, surpassing doctors and other professions. In terms of income, it is also considered good (especially if you open your own pharmacy, the income is still considerable). There is only one pharmacy school in each province in Canada (except Ontario, there are two), and each school trains more than 200 people each year. Admission competition is fierce.

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